Changing Gears

I’ve more or less been on a complete hiatus from game for the past 5 months. This time off has given me some time to reflect on my game, with an eye to improving it. With this in mind I was recently reading some of Daygame Mastery. I was reading about the ‘Investment’ stage of the model, and Krauser has this to say:

…spending too much time in attraction means trying too hard. She intuitively feels your lack of confidence and authenticity, which is an instant turn off

Here he describes how after the initial stages of a set you almost completely drop attraction material (teasing, challenging her all the time) to have a normal conversation. To fail to do so means you fall into the trap mentioned above, and ultimately blow a promising set.

Upon reading this it struck me that there is an important aspect of game that isn’t often talked about, and one I’m missing: changing gears.

Changing gears is when you change the way you interact with the girl. The example already given is dropping the attraction stuff and moving into rapport. Another would be moving out of rapport by sexualising the conversation. If you can’t change gears at the right time, two things will happen that will burn your set.

Firstly you’ll come across as very one dimensional, and the girl will get bored. Girls don’t like one trick ponies. I run into this problem a lot with attraction material. I love teasing girls and taking the piss out of them, so I do it a lot, probably too much. There have been times when girls have been initially very attracted to me when I’ve acted this way, only for her interest to fizzle as I keep on doing it for long periods of time.

The second problem is that a change of gears is required to move the set forward. Each set has a definite end goal (cock in pussy, in case you didn’t know), and you need momentum to keep moving through the stages of the courtship ritual to reach this. As an example lets take comfort. You’re in comfort with a girl. Talking pleasantly. Building rapport. This gives you happy feelz because a (hopefully) hot is talking to you and opening up to you. This is great, but if you want to have sex with her, then you need to move out of this phase at some point by escalating. I don’t care if you really like talking to her. And she’s really nice. And you’ve got soooo much in common. You can talk to her all you want after you’ve fucked her.

I’d say the most common failures to change gears are as follows:

  1. Getting stuck in attraction. As stated I’m guilty of this. Once she’s smiling, laughing and looking at you with big eyes don’t be afraid to move on by having a normal, boring conversation.
  2. Failing to escalate. Many guys are scared of a girl seeing their sexual intent, so never go sexual on them. This is a really good way to not get laid.
  3. Being too sexual. The exact opposite of point 2. This is also something I’m guilty of. Once I go sexual I often don’t change gears back into normal conversation. If you’re constantly escalating and being sexual you just come across as a horny dog trying to hump her leg, with no interest in her as a person. A good way to get around this is just think of adding sexuality to the set in terms of spikes. You drop in sexual spikes (e.g. I like your lips, very thick and full. it looks like they were designed to give blow jobs), then move immidately on to normal conversation. This allows you to maintain sexual tension without overdoing it.

Think of a set as a balancing act. You need to show the girl a balance of different aspects of your personality. Each one of this blend of personality traits will elicit a different emotion from the girl. The meet to lay journey is an emotional one for girls, and your going to have to stimulate all the right emotions if you’re to get to your destination. You do this by changing gears.

Progress Update Q1 2015

As Q1 of 2015 draws to a close I thought I’d share my progress towards my goals with you, my dedicated readership of… about 10 people.

Just a reminder as to what my goals for this year were:

  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays
  5. Save £10k ($15k)
  6. Learn to scuba dive

In a nutshell, I haven’t done well. I completed the 30 days of discipline program. I am better off for it as it has had the effect that I get a lot more productive work done in my spare time. Banging an 8 and getting my daygame lays in is something I haven’t planned to start till next quarter, so that’s not a big deal. The same with learning to scuba dive. I will book the course on June’s payday.

I have failed to get a new job, but it hasn’t been from lack of trying. I’ll just give you some more information on this. I am currently a backend web developer. Within the next 18 months I want to quit my salaried job and go contract. This will enable me to work 8 months of the year and still earn around the same as I do now, if not more. This is pretty vital to my future plans. Trouble is there doesn’t look like the London contract market will support 8 months of backend PHP development work per year at the day rates I would require. My solution to this is diversification. I have began to cross train as a frontend developer, which will triple the number of contracts I  could reasonably apply for. I already have experience in this area, and my individual training is going well. The problem is that in my current job I’m not getting enough of the all important ‘commercial’ experience which will enable me to get contract work in this role.

To get my commercial experience I have been applying for jobs that I believe will allow me to take on a hybrid frontend / backend role. This way I leverage the value of my backend skills and get my commercial experience in frontend skills at the same time. Only trouble is that such jobs are rare. People want either backend or frontend, not a hybrid of both. Recruiters keep sending me to interviews they say are for hybrid roles, but so far only three out of the seven interviews I’ve attended have been. This means more than half my interviews have been a waste of time. I have had some interest from some of these companies, getting to the final stage of interviews with everything looking positive, but I backed out because the jobs didn’t suit my plans. Of the 3 that were hybrid roles, I didn’t get any of the jobs. One was because I did badly in the interview. The other two came down to the fact that they thought I was used to a very different workflow / working environment. Although this was true of one of the companies (really wouldn’t want to work there), it was untrue of the other, so I’m surprised they rejected me for this reason.

I have decided to put the job hunt on hold for a while, for a few reasons. Firstly, I want to give it a while for some new jobs to come on the market. Secondly I can’t keep taking time off work for interviews. Lastly, I really want to start focusing on other things. For the past few months I’ve rarely been out, either running game or socialising. My time has been spent rehearsing interview answers, reading and writing code to keep my skills sharp. I find I can only focus on one major thing at a time, so focusing on game and career are mutually exclusive to me. I’ve only got one new notch this year so far, and I want pussy. I want to crack my day game and HB8 target. I will focus on going out and day game for the second quarter of the year.

My finances haven’t gone well. I splurged at the beginning of the year, leaving me behind. I have reeled in my spending this month, and hope to get even better at this throughout the rest of the year. I just need to get in the habit of saying no to myself. The problem with my saving target is that it was based around my salary increasing from a getting a new job, which is yet to happen.

The thing that disappoints me about all of this is that I’m yet to achieve anything that requires compliance from the world. I have got a little more disciplined and I’m improving my job skills, but these are all internal things. Battles with myself. This is yet to translate into me imposing my will onto the word and getting what I want from it (this is compliance). Krauser talks about this concept of gaining compliance from the world in one of his posts. It’s very important, as no matter how much compliance you can get from yourself you can never really achieve anything significant on your own and in a vacuum. Business success, building wealth, fucking hot women. These all require compliance from the world, and this is where I’m failing.

I’m getting really despondent about this. It’s making me sad. I actually believe this is a good thing. I have an idea of how I want my life to be in the future. It is very different from the life of the 9 to 5 worker bee chode. At the moment I’m not on track to get it, and I really can’t imagine a good future for myself without it. This feels a lot how I felt when starting game. It looked like I wasn’t making any progress. I thought of my future without any success with women and it terrified me. This is what motivated me to do the work needed to fuck the 60 odd women I have in the past 5 years. I feel this same fear now about my future career, and this motivates me greatly.

“When you’re going through hell, keep going”.

Introduction to The Sigma Male Lifestyle Part 2a: The Rise of Feminism, Equalism & Socialism

The big lie that made feminism possible

One of the biggest lies of the 20th century was that women have been oppressed by men throughout the whole of human history. Even some red pill men buy into The Narrative’s assertion that once upon a time women were unfairly treated, but due to social progress this has now changed. These red pill men need some education on the true nature of gender equality in years past.

I can see why society buys the lie. It’s all about context. When you look at what women’s lives were like in the past and view it in the context of the modern western world, things do indeed look unfair. This is where the problem lies though. To truly determine if women had a bad deal in the past you have to examine what their lives were like in the context of the times they lived in. You also have to compare it to the lives of the men who lived side by side with them back then. This is rarely done. The lie is essentially a lie by omission.

In order to see the truth we need context and comparison. Let’s start by looking at the context of the current western world, as this is the context in which women’s treatment is judged.

The most important point regarding the modern western world is what drives our existence. These are the forces impacting the choices we make every single day. These are the motivations that get us out of bed every day. It is what forms the nature of our lifestyles, and as such is fundamental to understanding the modern world.

In the modern world this motivation is self actualization. The motivating factor right at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I think self actualization is somewhat of a grandiose term to describe this motivation, as for many it is more a fun seeking attitude somewhat akin to hedonism. This motivation manifests itself in various ways in modern society. Here’s a list of some example motivations that are all just concrete examples of this abstract motivation:

  • Wanting to go travelling
  • Wanting to be rich far beyond your needs
  • Wanting to sleep with lots of different women
  • Wanting to own luxury goods
  • Wanting a job that makes you happy, rather than one the pays the bills

This motivation is in stark contrast to the primary motivators in the past. If you were alive not much more than 100 years ago in the West, unless you were part of a small rich elite, your motivation came down to one thing and one thing only. Survival. Day to day life was purely focused on keeping you and your family alive. You would have no time to worry about things relating to self actualization, such as those in the list above. You may occasionally dream of such things, but they are too far from your grasp to actually motivate you. Take a coal miner living in 1800s Britain. How much time do you think he spent wondering if his job was really what he was “meant for”, or whether it fulfilled him? If he didn’t do that job his family would be starving on the street, with only charitable institutions like the church to aid them. It was down the mine or nothing, so there wasn’t much to think about.This was mainly because they didn’t have the economic conditions nor the technology that allowed their survival needs to be taken care of without any real thought on their part like we do today.

Part of the way people went about fulfilling the primary motivator of keeping themselves and their family alive and well was to adopt gender roles and divide the labour. Back then raising the kids and keeping the home was a full time job. Unless you were one of the elite who could afford to outsource domestic work, one parent simply had to be a full time homemaker. Think how long taking care of the kids and home took without the aid of:

  • Motorized transport
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Advanced telecommunications
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microwave
  • Supermarkets
  • Ready meals
  • Washing machine
  • Cheap off the shelf clothing
  • Outsourced childcare

As I’m sure you can imagine, in times past homemaker was a full time job. It had to be, the technology wasn’t there for it to be anything but that. But weren’t women oppressed by the patriarchy and that’s why they were the homemakers instead of the men? Well, no. Back then the vast majority of all jobs were manual labour. In this job market physical strength increased your earning potential. It therefore made sense for men to be the ones to look for paid employment. You also have to realise that in this survival, as opposed to self actualization based context, women wouldn’t even think to themselves, “I wish I had a career”. It wouldn’t make sense.

There we have it. Society tells us women were oppressed by men because the men had the jobs while the women were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. The truth is that the world was this way out of necessity rather than oppression. I wonder why women first started complaining about wanting careers and being oppressed when white collar work in safe, clean, air conditioned environments as opposed to manual labour in dirty, dangerous environments became the norm?

In a nutshell women weren’t oppressed in the past. We just had sensible gender roles which were suitable for the context in which they existed. It was male innovation which made it possible and desirable for women to enter the workforce en masse. As soon as this happened they entered the workforce. There was a little resistance at first due to it being a change in long standing tradition, but the resistance was fairly trivial.

This misconception is what has made feminism possible. Today’s women are evaluating women’s roles in the past in the modern context, and as such coming to the wrong conclusion about them being historically oppressed. Feminism capitalizes on this feeling of victimhood and uses it to garner support for it’s cause.

Next up I’ll talk about the effect feminism has had on society, and why it’s a bad thing.

How to Pick Up Men (A Guide by Men for Girls)

I recently had the misfortune to stumble across a Vice article on Seddit entitled, “How to Pick Up Girls (A Guide by Girls for Boys)“. Much of the Seddit debate on the issue focused around whether or not men should take dating advice from girls. My personal opinion on this is very simple. The only dating ‘advice’ you take from a woman is her reaction to your attempt to sleep with her. She sleeps with her, you did something right. If she didn’t then you (maybe) did something wrong. That wasn’t why I wanted to bring the article to your attention.

The article’s tone was at best patronising towards men, at worst out right demeaning towards us. This highlighted a wider issue. This is the double standard that women think they can dole out dating advice to men like manna from heaven, but if a guy was ever to honestly try and tell girls how to better appeal to guys, they would quickly be met my raised eyebrows, exasperated looks and even cries of misogyny. It seems that women get really offended if we try and tell them how to be and act in order to get men interested. Women also seem to think that they own the whole topic of sex, and don’t like men expressing their opinions in this regard. While this isn’t a major issue by any means, it irks me enough to write this article. So without further ado, here is my article on how women can better pickup (or rather be picked up by) men, in all it’s patronising misogynistic glory. It may be written slightly tongue in cheek, but it’s all based in truth.

1. You don’t have to do much. If you put in enough effort into your appearance, the guys should come to you. If the guys you really like never hit on you, you aren’t hot enough.

2. Smile and make eye contact with guys you like. This is an invitation to approach. If you can’t even manage this because you’re shy then you need to woman up and grow some ovaries. You won’t get the quality cock by being a total wallflower.

3. Put yourself on display. Like a mannequin in a shop window. Or a slab of meat in the butchers a man has to see you in order to approach you. Make your self visible and accessible. I’ve been to many London single nights where groups of woman have sat in tables in the corner with a big bottle of wine all night, making it really logistically hard for men to approach them. They no doubt end the night wondering why no men come and talk to them…

4. Don’t be fat. This is the one way, above all others, in which modern Western women really shoot themselves in the foot. It is hard to really hard to express in words the effect that excess body fat has on a woman’s attractiveness. Given that I’ll use pictures instead. Check these fit to fat images out. She goes from maybe a 7 / 8 to a 3 over the course of 100lbs. Even after about 20lbs she’s down to a 6.

A young (18 – 29) woman who puts a little care into her hair and make up will be very very attractive to the vast majority of men. Even if she doesn’t have the prettiest face ever (as long as it’s not verging on deformed) then a slim women will be able to give most guys a raging boner. This makes picking them up trivial; they’ll come to you, do all the work and even pay for everything on dates. Given the quantity and scope of work an average man will have to do on himself to be highly attractive to most women, you girls have it easy. Just don’t be fat. You had just one job girls…

I know it can seem hard sometimes. I do sympathise. Please bear in mind that I like food so much that the pleasure I derive from eating a good donner kebab is almost comparable to the pleasure I get from fucking a good looking woman. It can be hard to resist. There comes a point though, when I look in the mirror and my torso starts to look more blob shapped than V shaped. That’s the point when I know I’m going to be on an intermittent fasting diet for the next month. You don’t have to starve yourself. You don’t even have to go to the gym. Just learn the basics of nutrition and don’t consume more than 1800 calories a day for a while. This is not an anorexic diet. As a 210lb man I’ve done this for multiple weeks with no ill effects. It just means refined sugar (candy, starbucks, etc) and fried foods are off the menu.

5. Do your squats. Well lift weights in general, not just squats. No, you won’t start to look too muscular. Unless you make weight training the sole focus of your life your high levels of estrogen will ensure you never look too muscular or manly from lifting weights. This point is similar to number 4, but takes it one step further. If you can look boner inducingly attractive by just being slim, if you add muscle tone to the mix you’re going to be nigh on irresistible to many men (unless you have a really dog ugly face).

Not many women go to the gym I go to (sign of a good gym). Out of those who do, most do just cardio, some do weights as well. I have noticed that the ones who also do weights have significantly more attractive bodies than those who don’t. I mentioned squats explicitly for a reason. I’ve dated girls who are nice and slim due to lots of running. They are attractive but their bodies still lack exactly the right shape to be mind blowing. This is where squats come in. Unless you have brazillian DNA, running will keep you slim but you’ll get a flat ass. Squats will add some (firm) mass and shame to your ass, hips and thighs. This won’t be achieved with high reps and baby weights. I’d guess you need to work your way up to around a set of 10 reps with 80kgs. You need this to build muscle mass in your glutes (ass) muscles.

6. Let the man lead. Women always moan about how they want a real man. They want a man who will take the lead, and isn’t a pushover like most Western men these days have turned into. Despite this, when a man who can actually take the lead comes along, you fight him for dominance. If he sets up a date with you at a perfectly nice bar, don’t try and argue for a different one due to some minor point like they don’t have the exact Sauvignon Blanc you like. Let him lead, and be happy under his leadership. You can’t have too people with masculine polarity in one relationship.

7. Don’t be a cunt. I’m not taking now about being quite quick to dismiss a guy you aren’t interested in when he’s hitting on you. This is fine. You are under no obligation to talk to a stranger who tries to chat you up. Feel free to be cold and blunt in this situation. Truly confident men know the score and take the hint with no animosity towards you.

I’m taking about when you’re on a date with a guy. This implies you liked him at least enough to accept when he asked you out. Given this, acting in an abrasive, and frankly cunty manner towards him makes no sense. This isn’t the majority of girls, but still can happen surprisingly frequently. You don’t have to kiss his ass, but if you talk to him in such a way which a female friend would get annoyed at you for talking to her in that way, then you’re probably being cunty. Guys want a soft feminine personality in a girl, not abrasiveness.

An example from my personal life is that a girl I was on a date with called me a ‘manchild’ because I… had my own flat instead of sharing with other people, as many in London have to do for financial reasons. It isn’t just the ass backward logic of this statement that dumbfounded me, it was the bitchiness. As I said, it’s not the majority of women who are like this, but it is a significant minority. It’s almost exclusively late 20s / early 30s career girls. Maybe you can guess what my solution to this is.

Introduction To The Sigma Male Lifestyle Part 1: What Is A Sigma Male?

There are many pseudo science theories floating around the internet which claim to be able to categorize men into positions in a dominance hierarchy. I label these theories pseudo science out of a sense of academic honesty, rather than due to having disdain for them. These theories stem from observing animal societies, with some evolutionary biology thrown in for good measure.

I’m sure you’ve seen the basic hierarchy many times on the internet, but here it is again.

  1. Alpha males
  2. Beta males

The alpha males are more dominant and fewer in numbers than the betas. Since dominance implies the ability to get what one wants, alphas are the prefered mates for women due to the perceived benefits women derive from allying with them. This is of course an imperfect and simplified model. Some men are dominant in some situations, and not in others. The hierarchy can be pretty fluid, and shifts based upon the group of males within which an individual finds himself. To give an example a man who is dominant within his primary social group may be fairly submissive within a different group of more assertive men.

In most writing about male dominance this is where the discussion ends. Other people have, however, identified that certain men exist largely outside of this hierarchy. These men are:

  1. Sigma males
  2. Omega males

Unlike alphas and betas who are drawn to the social hierarchy, sigmas and omegas actively try and avoid it most of the time. They are loners. I’d say the two groups combined represent the minority of men. Maybe only 10%. The difference between omegas and sigmas is how the mainstream hierarchy reacts to them when they interact with it’s members.

Omegas are shunned by the hierarchy. They are the cliched basement dwelling, WOW playing neckbeards. They generally hold much  resentment towards those within the hierarchy and towards women. The way they dress, groom themselves and their poor social skills are what cause members of the hierarchy to instantly perceive them as low value. The are social outcasts.

Sigmas are generally well received by the hierarchy, and are often initially mistaken for alphas due to their confidence and good social skills. A sigmas social aloofness will often confuse people. People understand the fact omegas don’t seem to want to interact socially as it’s obvious they would be rejected as people won’t like them. On the flip side of this people often assume the sigma’s lack of socialising means the sigma doesn’t like them. The sigma comes across as always having somewhere else to be, or something better to be doing.

When it  comes to women, omegas are right at the bottom of the pile, but sigmas do pretty well. This is due to the fact they have alpha traits. Although sigmas generally don’t feel the need to dominate others, they are capable of it, and they strongly resist when anyone tries to dominate them. This coupled with the air of mystery they display due to their aloofness attracts the women. Girls will often say a sigma intrigues them.

Socialising isn’t the beginning and the end of it. Sigmas often see the world differently. They fight any hierarchy that tries to include them, for example a workplace hierarchy. To them, any attempt to bring them into a hierarchy feels like the borg are attempting to assimilate them. Their values are very much their own, and offer differ from mainstream values. They tend to go their own way as they feel what most others are doing is ineffective or undesirable. This means they will generally attempt to break free from the standard western male life path.

If you want to see some Hollywood archetypes of sigmas, read Krauser’s post on what a sigma male looks like.

My previous blog was entitled BetaToPua, but the truth is I misclassified myself as a beta. I have always fought to free myself from any social hierarchy that tried to assimilate me. In the past this resulted in me being an omega. I had no friends, was fat, dressed badly and lacked social skills. I was trying to become and alpha but soon realised that this path was not for me. I have no desire to be part of any hierarchy and no desire to dominate groups of men. I view leadership as a burden rather than a privilege. I’ve now slept with too many women to be and omega, but yet my journey to becoming a sigma is not yet complete. My current life trajectory is too much in keeping with what is expected of a beta male for this to be the case, and I’m still not adept enough at dealing with alphas who cross my path. Over the lifetime of the blog you will see this change.

Progress Update

As a way of procrastinating from writing my series of introduction posts to this blog I’ve decided to give you all a quick update on my progress, as measured against the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

I’ve been focusing all of my mental energy, and much of my time on finding a new job. I’ve also been following the 30 Days of Discipline program. That program is actually helping me achieve my goal of getting a new job. It’s getting me more disciplined and freeing up my time. This leads to me doing more interview preparation.

The job hunt has been hard. This is not due to there being a lack of jobs on offer, but instead my salary expectations, the set of requirements I have for a job, and difficulty in getting time off for interviews. So far I’ve interviewed for 5 companies. With one I bombed, and another I didn’t have experience in very specific areas. I’ve got through to the final interview stage at three companies, but have declined in two of these cases, and I thought the job didn’t match my requirements. I have my final stage interview for the last company in 2 weeks time. The job has loads of benefits: great technology stack that will help me out when I go contract in the future, free lunch every day and it’s even walking distance from my flat. For the next two weeks the main focus of my life will be ensuring I get this job. My mornings before work will consist of getting up at 5am and practising writing algorithms and making sure I know the differences between MYISAM and INNODB. What fun.

The 30 Days of Discipline has been going ok. I’d say I’m sticking to it around 80%. After this month ends I’ll probably have another go at it and get it to 100%.

I haven’t been chasing women at all. I’ve fucked one girl who I’d already fucked last year, and got one number from a girl I would say was a 7.5 but it looks like a flake. This will probably be the first month in a long long time when I get no new lays. The truth is “working on yourself” doesn’t magically get you laid. You need to go out and game hard too, and I haven’t been doing that. I have come to realise that you only have the focus and mental energy to do one big thing in your life at a time (on top of your day job). This means women have to take a back seat for now.

In terms of trying to save money the year has got off to a bad start. Managed to spend hundreds on useless crap, meaning a big percentage of last years savings have gone. As soon as I get my new job I’m going to switch my focus to get into the habit of being a penny pinching scrooge. My default mindset will be to say no to anything that costs me money. That combined with the fact I’ve now finished paying off my student loan and a pay rise I should just about scrape 10k in savings this year.

My Goals For 2015

The difference between dreams and goals is the difference between wannabes and achievers. To that end I have decided to write out my 2015 goals before we move too far into the new year. I was planning to write my sigma manifesto series as outlined in my first post. This would tie in nicely as the last post in that series will detail how I think a sigma male should structure his life to best adapt to the modern world. My 2015 goals stem from that; they are waypoints that will help me get there. Since I have been busy working on my first two girls I haven’t had a chance to write that series yet, so tough. Here are my goals instead.


  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays
  5. Save £10k ($15k)
  6. Learn to scuba dive

Let me explain the motivations behind my goals.

1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program

One of the biggest benefits I got from learning game was actually developing a strong ability to ruthlessly introspect and discover my flaws (that and all the lovely, lovely vagina). This is very useful, and I think is something that the great unwashed lack. I’ve uncovered two main flaws. An introversion so strong that it makes me almost hate most social situations, and a lack of self discipline. Although both flaws hold me back in a myriad of ways, I feel discipline is the one I need to attack the most.

The dictionary defines discipline as follows:

the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience

Of course I’m talking about self discipline, rather than discipline imposed by others. I woud define self discipline as your ability to force yourself to do things that you don’t like doing in the short term, because you believe that there are long term benefits associated with doing these things. In other words it’s being willing to crawl through the shit to get to the gold.

I have come to believe that discipline is the cornerstone of achievement. Learning game required discipline. I had to force myself to do something I didn’t like (going out and cold approaching), in order to be able to get what I wanted in the future (pussy). I never thought I would get to the point where I was fucking new women so regularly, and often better than average looking ones too (well, sometimes). Although I had to make many changes to myself to achieve this, all these changes were powered by my self discipline in the pursuit of game. It was my discipline that made me keep going and trying new things till the legs started spreading. This got me thinking. If I never thought I’d be good at bedding women and discipline allowed me to achieve this to a standard well beyond that of the average man, what else that I thought would be impossible to me could I achieve with discipline? Successfully run my own business? Live a lifestyle vastly different to The Standard Western Male Life Path? Quite possibly.

I’m not going to go all Disney made for TV movie on you now and claim you can achieve anything. That would be bullshit. We have hard wired genetic limits on our achievements. As a 5″9′ 32 year old male, no matter how much discipline I put into achieving the goal of playing for the NBA, it isn’t going to happen. Having said that I believe that most people only reach a fraction of their genetic potential, mainly due to lack of discipline (and partly also due to not being able to see the world as it truly is).

I was disciplined in game because I am so highly motivated by pussy. I will not be so highly motivated in other areas. Even with game I could have pushed myself much harder (I should probably have opened 3 times the number of sets I have since I got into game). This means building up my discipline is very important. It’s a prerequisite to my future success.

To this end I have decided my starting point will be to follow Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline program throughout January. Doing so won’t solve all of my discipline problems, but it will be a start.

2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year

This is required for two reasons. First it will help me achieve my money saving goal. Secondly the broadening of my skills will help me when I become a contractor in the future (an important part of my long term plan). Since I’m being quite picky about the role and am asking for more money for a job that requires some skills that I haven’t quite mastered yet, this may take a while. I’m giving myself till the end of March to get this done.

3. Bang an 8

I’m almost at the point where I’d rather have a wank than fuck a girl worse than a 7. Even fucking 7s is leaning towards meh for me most of the time. Add to this that my sex drive seems to have plummeted in the past 2 months and this means I’m really only interested in quality (in terms of looks) when it comes to laying girls. I’ve done the quantity thing and am bored with it.

This is going to be a hard one. My looks alone cannot score me an 8, to my game has to massively improve to bridge the value gap. It will be a lot of work with a very delayed payoff. I can’t see even hitting double figure lays this year. A while back that would bother me, but I’ve fucked almost enough girls for my ego to not be too concerned with racking up the numbers anymore.

There’s zero chance this will happen with online game, it will have to be cold approach. Hundreds of sets at least. Daygame is a man’s best bet to punch above his weight in terms of looks, so I’ll focus on that. Which brings me nicely onto my next goal…

4. Get six new daygame lays

This doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll be a struggle. I got my first daygame lay last year, but that was around October. Since then I haven’t been practising at all (lack of discipline means I won’t brave London’s Arctic winter to do so…) and so when I get back on the horse I will likely have lost all the skills I learned last year, and my AA will be back. Tough but will give me some great opportunities.

5. Save £10k ($15k)

Required as a safety net before I go contract, and also to help condition me to a more minimalist lifestyle that will help me to achieve future goals. If I get a new job with the salary I want then this goal will be all about discipline, as I’ll be earning way more than I need to live.

6. Learn to scuba dive

I feel like my life has become all about chasing women and (procrastinating at) learning new job skills. This makes me very one dimensional. When I meet new people or go on dates with girls and talk about my life I feel this strongly. I just don’t do much except get laid. To this end I am including something fun and adventurous this year.

There we have it folks. I will of course keep you informed of my progress.