Looking ahead

Approaches: 10 of 990
Number closes: 0
Day 2s: 0
Lays: 0

It’s that time when I’m pretty much done with the current year and looking ahead to the new one. A chance to plan for future success. 2016 was meh for me. I got laid with 11 new women, all but one in the 7 – 8 range, but for some reason I don’t feel like I’ve progressed. There have been some good things:

  1. I have quite smoking as of a month ago and replaced it with vaping. It’s much safer (scientists think…), is less than half the price (until the EU taxes the fuck out of it… when are we Brexiting again?) and doesn’t make my breath / clothes / flat smell awful. If you’re a smoker I highly recommend it. It made giving up cigarettes effortless, as you don’t have to give up nicotine.
  2. I’ve put on lots of muscle at the gym thanks to test and deca. This does have its disadvantages (more on this later), and I’ve also put on loads of fat. I now weight in at 16st 10lbs (234lbs) at a height of 5ft9.
  3. My sense of entitlement towards women has increased. I now expect to get 7s and 8s. 7s even bore me a little. This will make it much easier to get hotter girls.
  4. Got a big pay rise. My income is significantly above average. Although I complain about money and am still terrible at managing it (I spend it all and max out credit cards all the time, self discipline!), I must admit my income keeps me comfortably, even in one of the most expensive cities in the world. For example this month I both visited Berlin for a long weekend, and flew a girl from Glasgow to London and back, all on a months salary, without having to save for these things as a special expense. This is a far cry away from worrying about spending too much on taxis when extracting girls from clubs like I did 3 or 4 years ago. I should be earning even more next year…
  5. I quit my job, and plan to never get another permanent job awaits. With my skills an income of around 6 figures a year (in pounds sterling) can be expected from the contract market, plus much more time off. It’s really satisfying to have spent the past decade or more becoming an expert in a complex skill (software engineering) and now being able to cash in on it.

Time to look ahead to the new year. Yet again it will be a battle against not the world, but myself and my lack of self discipline. I believe on only focusing on one big thing at a time, but this is going to be hard this year as there’s so much to do. As I see it I have 3 main problem areas that need to be addressed:

  1. Appearance
  2. Daygame
  3. Money

I got a bit fat during bulking. I have already begun slowly over time restricting my calories, and adding HIIT to my gym sessions. This will peak on 1st Jan 2017 when I will be consuming around 2000 calories a day, and going to the gym 4 days a weak. I will maintain this cutting regime for 3 months. Just to make sure the muscle stays on while the fat comes off I’ll be taking 500mg test a week during this period. I’ll add anvar and winstrol during the last 6 weeks. These are good for cutting, but because they are orals instead of injectables they are hard on the liver, hence the short time I’ll remain on these.

My bulk means I have grown out of all my clothes. Whereas I was once reasonably stylish, everything I own being one size too small makes me look sloppy. The problem is it isn’t just a case of buying new clothes, as the following story illustrates.

I was walking down Carnaby street trying to convince myself to do some daygame, when I spotted a nice looking winter coat in a shop window. It was somehow both gritty and sleek at the same time. I decided going in and trying it on would be the perfect avoidance weasel, as I really do need a winter coat. I tried on the largest size they had. As nice as it was, my arms caused the sleeves to bulge and it was too tight around the chest to do up without the buttons straining. This was of course due to my wing like lats and protruding pecs, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the size of my belly. The shop assistant told me that was the largest size they had in that coat. When I asked if they were getting bigger sizes in she said that’s the largest it came in. It was an XL and still didn’t fit. Looking on their website I saw that XL is for a 42 inch chest, and based on their size guide my 46 inch chest makes me an XXXL.

What the fuck. It’s like clothes are made for girly men. I feel like one of those women in the US who’s the size of a whale and goes around squawking about how oppressive it is that clothes are only make for skinny women. Steroids have turned me into what I hate the most: a fat chick.

I’ll loose some size when the fat goes, but off the shelf stuff is going to be tough. It should be easier for more casual items like t-shirts and sweaters, but for more formalwear I won’t be able to find stuff that has a big enough chest measurement without having really long arms. I yearn for swole acceptance to go mainstream. To have my broad shoulders accepted by society. To be able to buy off the shelf clothes other than sweatpants and hoodies. Until society becomes more enlightened I’m going to have to bite the bullet  and shell out about £1400 on 5 tailored shirts and two tailored suits next year. It should still be possible to buy more casual clothes off the shelf as their fit tends to be more forgiving then tailored stuff, although I’ll have to shop around.

In the long run this has made me thing that I’ll probably stay clear of bulking in the future. For my height a bodyweight of around 200lbs and 10% body fat should be my aim, with all efforts being to just maintain this. I could have 18 inch arms within 18 months, but this seems not only pointless but counter productive. I will also think about cruising on a small, almost TRT dose of test long term in the future. My only concern is what to do while traveling for multiple weeks, but this is another problem for another time.

Onto daygame. You may have noticed that I have added a daygame score card to the top of the post. It will be added to every post from now on until the end of 2017. As you can see with only 10 sets down out of 1,000, things aren’t going well. As of early next year I will be in my first contract role, and so my focus will shift from interview preparation to daygame. I’ll be having a coaching session every other week, and will have some months where I go out and approach each and every day. I am currently reading Tom Torero’s book ‘Daygame’. It’s basically a collection of lay reports which chart his rise from stay at home geek to top daygamer. I can’t help but be motivated by his stories of threesomes, quick bounce backs and eurojaunt lays. This sounds like a good way to live my life for the next couple of years. One thing that does come across is his dedication. He doesn’t give counts of the number of sets he opens, but his stories of regularly going out and not getting in till 3am, or going straight to work the next day after having a late night lay certainly leave me with the impression that he was almost constantly sarging. This tenacious approach pays off for him though. He got something like 30 lays in hist first year. In my first year I got 4. The only thing I don’t like about his approach is how hyper social he seems to be. Always feeling the need to chat to randoms he won’t lay for social proof, and getting huge groups of girls together. I will go for a more introverted style.

When I first started out in game I wondered if it would ever be possible for me to get good at it and get the results. I now know I can crack daygame, I just need to put the reps in. 1,000 approaches before 2018 should be a minimum. If all goes ok on the contracting side of things, I should at the very minimum be able to fit in a couple of 3 week long eurojaunts in 2017. These daygame intensive trips should massively increase both my daygame skills and lay count.

Last, but by no means least, money. It’s mostly poor / not very well off people who spout the phrase, “money won’t make you happy”. I think you, as I do, will chuckle at the irony there. It could be said to be more short sighted than ironic, but you get the point. I have decided I want to be very well off. There are a few reasons for this, but I’ll probably cover them in more detail in another post (basically fine food, security, freedom and to be able to bang young women when I’m old).

What do I count as very well off? I have decided I want an income of £10k a month. That’s £10k after being financially raped by the government paying tax. Given the UK’s high tax rate, this means I need to gross around £207,000 a year. I can maybe earn just over half this from salaried work, so I will need to start a business. Running as a business I may also be able to reduce my tax burden so I can make less but still hit the £10k monthly.

I want to start some sort of ecommerce website. I have no idea what yet. I have decided I will start a small dropshipping based business next year. This will not make me the income I want, but will provide me with the skills, knowledge and funds to start a business which will. I will begin working on this on the second half of 2017. When you’re the one taking home all the profits, I don’t think £200k is going to be unachievable. It’s only salaried work that comes with such a low cap.

It seems so simple when writing this, but there’s a lot to do.

One Last Dance

Bristol, England 2008. I leave my small studio flat, pull my hoodie down over my head, and go out into the night. It’s 1am and and as I leave my residential area I see that the city’s nightlife is in full swing. I can hear the muted beats of music emanating from the insides of bars and clubs, and I can see the young revellers smoking outside or walking home, the guys in shirts and the women all in skirts far too short given the low temperature. I wouldn’t be joining them, though. I was just on a late night cigarette and food run.

I didn’t go out to bars or clubs. I didn’t really go out anywhere. Work, shopping on the way home, and a trip into town to buy a new DVD at the weekend as a treat. I was a recluse, who lived alone and didn’t know anyone else in the city (apart from the 3 people I worked with, but I wouldn’t consider them friends). Watching party people around the bars and clubs was like looking into a different world for me. It was a bit like in olden English times where there would be a big house and the family lived side by side (well, above and below) with the servants. The servants could see into the privileged world of the family, but could never be part of it. That’s how it felt for me when I watched guys around my age walk arm in arm with the mini skirt wearing early 20s hotties. I would see this and feel ‘The Sadness’ that Bodi mentions in Sluts 2.

Arriving home, heaving already scoffed the donner kebab I bought whilst out en route, I began to chain smoke as I thought about how desperately unhappy I was with my life. I was never social or good with women. Despite this I always thought I’d end up with a happy life, a cute girl next door type wife and a couple of kids. Given I was 26 years old at the time and had never had a girl friend (had slept with 6 girls though), I didn’t quite know how this would magically happen. I always just assumed it would. Men got girlfriends, who became their wives, then they had kids. It happened to every man eventually, didn’t it? I always told myself something would happen. Some unknown external event would occur and everything would be fine. Being alone and unhappy like this was just a blip. It wasn’t my real life. Something would happen, and then my proper happy life would start.

Although I wasn’t aware of the pickup community at the time and it would be another year or so till I opened my first set, this is where my pickup journey began. Pacing the floor of my one room flat at 2am on a Saturday morning, somewhere around my 3rd consecutive cigarette, I realised absolutely nothing was going to happen. I realised this wasn’t a blip, it was my life. I realised the only way things would change was if I did something to make them change.

Looking back this was pretty fucking obvious, but at the time it was a mind blowing epiphany. Learning game can teach you many things. One thing you have to learn if you’re ever to have any success with game is that what happens to you is down to you. You have to make things happen. Your long term results are your responsibility and no one else’s. There are no external events which will come and save you. I’ve learned this now, but on that night 8 years ago in Bristol, realising that my fate was in my hands and no one else’s was a life changer for me.

I knew I had to do something, but what? I didn’t know. I continued to pace and lit another cigarette. I decided I need a fresh start. Somewhere full of opportunity. I thought that if I moved to London, the city would be big enough to easily meet all my social ambitions. All I needed to do was be proactive.

This was the start of my player’s journey (well, it took me over a year of living in London before I found the PUA community and got stuck in). Looking back the main thing that motivated me was not wanting to live with the regret of missed opportunity. I knew one day I’d be too old to go out to clubs and pull young women in short skirts. I wanted to know that, when I was old and passed it, I had had those experiences. When you’re old all you really have is your memories, and I wanted some good memories where women were concerned.

Fast forward to London 2016. A lot has happened for me in less than a decade. Ok, so I still live alone in a tiny flat, I’m still fat (I just finished a bulking cycle! Cutting in 2017), I’m still very reclusive and I still pace up and down a lot while smoking. What has changed is the women situation. In September I got a bj from one girl and had sex with two others. Their ages ranged from 21 to 28, their attractiveness levels from OK to pretty hot.

All in all I’ve slept with 78 women since that restless night in my Bristol bedsit, bringing my lifetime total to 84. Baring misfortune or settling down it seems probable I will gain the dubious accolade of joining the 100 notches club.

I now find myself at a bit of a crossroads, At 34 I’m not quite old yet, but I’m not young either. I feel like now is the time to be settling down with one girl (no marriage or kids though). At the same time the idea of settling down concerns me for the following reasons:

  • I never cracked daygame. I have had 3 lays from it, but have never consistently gone out, opened and got lays like I did with nightgame. I would love to live the Euro Jaunt lifestyle for a while.
  • Despite doing ok in terms of quantity of women, I feel like I underperformed in terms of quality, mainly getting girls in the 5 – 7 range with the odd 8. I think I should have got girls in the 7 – 8 range and the odd 9 to hit the younger, hotter, tighter standard.
  • I don’t feel I’m a fully developed man yet. The process of getting good with women and taking the red pill exposes weaknesses in a man’s character, which must be overcomes to make progress. Although my confidence and self esteem has come on a long way, I feel there are still chinks in my armour. For example my default vibe is quite poor. I feel like I have to push game further as it’s the best way to expose and overcome these weaknesses.
  • This really is my last chance when it comes to game. I’ve seen men can do OK with it up until about 40. Over 40 they may still get some results, but they’re not going to be as good as they are before 40. As with all those years ago in Bristol, I don’t want to feel the sting of regret later in life. Having said that, as I will reveal later this is not a particularly strong feeling.
  • The simple pleasure of fucking hot women.

I haven’t been consistently cold approaching for about 18 months now, and the above list are my motivations to get back into it. There are some things that are making me want to stay out of the game. These are:

  • I’ve fucked enough women that any sense of missing out I was scared of all those years ago in Bristol isn’t particularly strong. I’ve fucked enough women to have some great deathbed memories.
  • I’m really rusty at game. I haven’t done cold approach in a while, and I’ve never been good at daygame. I’m not sure my motivation is strong enough to make me do the work needed to get good.
  • Getting really good at game will take a lot of focus, but I really want to be focusing on other things, like starting a business.
  • I would quite like a long term girlfriend to settle down with, something I wasn’t interested in when I first got into game.

In order to motivate myself I will have to immerse myself in daygame. I plan to spend a lot of my spare time reading daygame books & blogs, and watching infield videos online (the few good ones I can find). This won’t be to increase my game knowledge, but rather to flood my brain with daygame. Immerse myself in it. When I do this with a given subject I get obsessed with it, and this will create motivation and enable progress.

Having assessed where I am in life, and having thought about the pros  and cons of getting back into the game I have formulated a plan. I will allow myself one last dance. One last crack of the whip when it comes to game.

From now until January 1st 2019 I will focus on game (and also start a little business on the side). This will be primarily daygame. Due to the way I will be structuring my work over the next 2 years I should be able to spend around 6 months of this period with no job so I can approach pretty much full time (in reality will probably approach 3 hours a day then work on a business for 5 hours). I’ve given the cutoff date as it is because at that time I will still be 36, turning 37 in 2019. Doing this will give me 2 good years to plunder hot, young women, but still leave be (just about) young enough to get a girlfriend in her mid 20s once I’m done with game. Giving myself a definate end date will also add deadline pressure, which will help motivate me to cold approach and improve my game.

Once the deadline hits I will still do some cold approaching, but my focus will switch to finding a girlfriend and starting a business that I can work on full time, instead of increasing the notch count.

I’ve given myself a target of 1,000 approaches by Jan 2018 (inspired by a certain book). I have a counter on my phone I set to 1000 and will decrement towards 0 each time I do a set. It currently shows 996, so there’s a lot of work ahead. Stay tuned.

Muscle Measurements & Workouts – Pre Steroids (21/11/2015)

I took my first shot of testosterone a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d do my before measurements. I did take a picture too but hated it because I look less muscular and more fat than I thought. It therefore isn’t included.

I’ll be doing a full break down of my reasons for taking roids, what I took and how, my diet and exercise routines (all logged on apps) after I finish my cycle in 8 weeks time. This will give any guys in their late 20s / 30s a good idea of what to expect from beginners cycle of test.


Height: 5″9′
Weight: 193lb
Waist skinfold: 8mm
Bicep: 15 inches
Chest: 44 inches
Shoulders: 46.5 inches
Waist: 38 inches
Waist:Shoulder: 1:1.2
Calf: 15.5 inches
Neck: 15.5 inches
Thigh: 22.5 inches

These are my workouts for the past week, so I can compare them to the last week of my cycle:

Sunday: Weak Point Training (chest) + Cardio (I skipped the cardio!)

Pec Dec
Set 1: 10 x 49 kg

Incline db press
Set 1: 5 x 25 kg

Cable Crossovers
Set 1: 10 × 28 kg

Monday: Legs & Abs

Set 1: 4 x 110 kg

Leg Extensions
Set 1: 7 × 56 kg

Calf Raise
Set 1: 10 × 88 kg

Hanging side knee raise
Set 1: 5 reps

Ab machine
Set 1: 8 40 kg

Set 1: 1 reps

Tuesday: Back & Biceps

Set 1: 2 reps
Set 2: 2 reps
Set 3: 1 reps
Set 4: 1 reps
Set 5: 1 reps

Straight arm pull downs
Set 1: 12 × 21 kg

Bent over rows
Set 1: 6 × 50 kg

Db curls
Set 1: 10 × 12.5 kg

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Pec Dec
Set 1: 11 × 49 kg

Chest press
Set 1: 11 × 56 kg

Posing pressups
Set 1: 5 reps

Db laterals
Set 1: 11 × 5 kg

Set 1: 13 × 70 kg

Thursday: Wrestling class

My First Eurojaunt – Part 2: Off To A Bad Start

Read Part 1.

I arrived in my Eastern European destination early Tuesday evening. Having been used to a cold and rainy London I was ill prepared for the 30 degree heat and so sweltered on the rickety 20 minute bus ride from the airport to the city. I followed Krauser’s instructions to get from the bus stop to the city centre, then used google maps and the AirBnB app to locate my flat.

For £20 per night it was a nice little place, better than my London flat. A small kitchenette, large sofa, double bed, shower, decent wifi and most importantly, air conditioning. The area the flat was in didn’t seem so nice. It was only 5 minutes from the city centre’s main square, but was poorly lit and filled with crumbling communist style apartment blocks, the type that just look like soulless slabs of grey concrete sticking out of the ground. Not being much of a worldly traveller I did start to wonder whether this area was safe. When I realised that my building was right next to a police station a felt better. There’s something about having guards armed with MP5s right next to your door that just feels reassuring.

I messaged Krauser and he told me he was on a date, and that there was a mobile shop on the main square if I wanted to get a local sim with data on it cheap. I decided to go and do that and arranged to meet Krauser later for a drink.

Getting a sim with cheap data is a handy piece of travel knowledge, exactly the sort of thing I came on this trip to learn. The next thing I learned was also important: make sure you have an unlocked phone. The shop switched my sim card but it wouldn’t work because my iPhone was locked to my UK provider. I switched my sim back, and rebooted the phone as I walked away from the shop. “Please connect to wifi to activate phone”, my iPhone’s display said. I had no wifi. I tried rebooting. Same thing. WTF does it mean, activate phone?!

I decided to go back to my flat where I had wifi to sort this mess out. After 5 minutes of walking back towards my flat I was gripped by a sinking feeling; I couldn’t remember the exact road my flat was on, and the address was stored on my inactive phone. To make matters worse I was now down to less than 10% battery, and it seemed to be dropping at the rate of 1% every few minutes. In the past I have always seemed to meet major crises with a clear head and a calm demeanour. In contrast, mid sized problems like this one, that are greater than a minor inconvenience, but not critical enough to be worthy of calling a crisis, cause me to panic disproportionately. And that’s what I did. I lost my shit, right there in the middle of this foreign city.

What if your battery dies? How will you ever find your flat? Will you have to sleep on a park bench, next to the gypsies? The whole trip will be ruined. You’ll never even get to do any daygame.

I decided to make my way back to the shop that had put the sim card in for me. They’d probably have wifi. I literally sprinted back to the shop. Due to the 25 degree heat and the fact I was wearing a faux leather jacket, by the time I arrived back at the shop I was sweating profusely. I must have seemed crazy when I stormed up to the assistant who had sold me the sim, and sweating and with a panicked tone said,

“Youjustswitchedmysimanditdidntwork afterswitchingitbackmyphonesaysIneedtogoonlinetoactivateit Ireallyneedmyphonetofindoutwheremyflatis asitsmyfirstnightinthiscity doyouhavewifisoIcangoonlineandsortthisout”.

She stared at me blankly. I composed myself, then I repeated in a calmer tone:

“You just switched my sim and it didn’t work. After switching it back my phone says I need to go online to activate it. I really need my phone to find out where my flat is as it’s my first night in this city, do you have wifi so I can go online and sort this out?”

They did have wifi and I managed to sort out my phone. Relaxed, I went for a large dinner of pizza at a nearby restaurant. I made the mistake of paying with a large denomination note (worth about £60) and was, I’d later realize, short changed by about £30. Although that doesn’t seem like too much, given that I was paying £20 per night for my flat, it was a very large loss in comparison to my total expenditure for the trip. I viewed this as just another Eurojaunt lesson learned: know the local currency well and don’t withdraw large denomination notes from cash points.

I decided to head back to my flat for a while. As I did I noticed that the centre was still very busy despite it being almost 9pm on a Tuesday night. London is busy all the way up to 10pm on weeknights, but I had envisioned this place as shutting down at around 6pm, much like second tier cities in the UK would. This was good news as it meant that the hours for which the centre was viable for daygame were much longer than I anticipated.

I was awoken from this train of thought by a text message from my UK mobile phone provider. They informed my that I had already used 50% of my non EU data limit for the month, and has incurred a charge of £40 for the data used so far. Cunts. Fucking cunts. A sim with 1GB data (that wouldn’t work for me) has just cost me about £1.50, and they’d just charged me £40 for about 8MB. All for a little bit of whatsapp and google maps. As soon  as I found my way back to my flat I turned my 3G data off. Again lesson learned.

I’d barely got through the door of my flat when Krauser pinged me on whatsapp. His date was drawing to an end. I spent 10 minutes having a sit down then headed out again.

I met with Krauser as he was saying goodbye to his date, and we sat outside a cafe on the main square talking about life and the quality of the women in the city compared to London. He had been there for three days but hadn’t opened any sets yet due to having been busy fucking 3 girls he’d met on previous visits. The sarging would begin tomorrow.

In the next part I actually open some sets, and in doing so put to the test the idea some people have that it’s easy for western men to get laid in Eastern Europe, and so doesn’t require any game.

My First Eurojaunt – Part 1: The what and why of Eurojaunts

Popularised by tales from the likes of Krauser, Bodi and Torero, Eurojaunts have become all the rage amongst daygamers recently. Eurojaunts are simple: a daygamer from a Western country spends a week or two doing daygame in an Eastern European / FSU country.

At first glance this just seems like a daygame holiday; a way to do some daygame whilst simultaneously enjoying better weather. This seemed kind of pointless to me, I can just do daygame in London without spending money on flights and accommodation. It wasn’t until I recently went on my first Eurojaunt that I learned that they give far greater benefit than just daygame in the sun. There’s a phrase that sums up this benefit very succinctly: value arbitrage.

I was first introduced to the term ‘value arbitrage’ during a seminar Krauser gave on SMV theory earlier in the year. Value arbitrage is when you leverage the fact that the value of goods differs between locations. Take for example steak. The average steak in London is both more expensive and of lower quality than the average steak in Argentina. This is due to the fact that Argentina has a better quality of beef, and the fact that everything produced locally in Argentina is cheaper due to lower land and labour costs there compared to in Britain.

How does this apply to getting laid? The sexual market place is just the same as the steak market place. Goods (women) differ in quality (attractiveness) in different markets, as does their price (level of attractiveness required by the male). Let’s see how a competent daygamer would put this into practice. We’ll call our intrepid pussy hound bob.

  1. Bob is a 6/10 in terms of looks
  2. In London, it takes Bob 70 daygame approaches to get a girl who’d be considered a HB6 by London standards into bed.
  3. Bob flies to Eastern Europe.
  4. It takes Bob 70 daygame approaches to get a HB6 in the Eastern European country into bed.
  5. The HB6 in Eastern Europe is an HB7 by London standards.
  6. Bob has now effectively increased the hotness of his average lay by 1 whole point (and he only had to fly 1,000 miles to do it!).

The hotness of the girls is only half the story. One thing that is often overlooked in game is the attractiveness of male competition within the market place in which you operate.

This is something I’m very aware of in nightclubs. People often point out to me that women are on average hotter in London’s bottle service clubs as compared to the meat market clubs I frequent. Although this is true, the average quality of men in bottle service clubs is far far higher than in other clubs. This at best negates the increased attractiveness of the girls. I would even go so far as to say it’s actually harder to do as well in a bottle service club as in other clubs because of this.

In many Eastern European countries not only are the girls more attractive than in the West, but in addition to this the average men are actually less attractive. The average guy in London is richer, has better style, is more interesting and is more ambitious then the average Eastern European guy. This means that Bob is not only entering a market place where the goods he wants to buy are cheaper, but the currency he’s spending is also more valuable than back home. Bob could now possibly get an HB8 (by London standards) for his 70 approaches. Not bad, Bob.

In a nutshell Eurojaunts are worthwhile as you will get to fuck better looking girls for the same amount of effort. This assumes you have some game and can regularly pull on your home turf. You can’t just roll up and wave your western passport at a girl and have her drop her knickers. If your daygame sucks in London (or New York, Sydney etc) then you won’t magically get laid in Eastern Europe.

With all this in mind, when I got an email from Krauser a few months back asking if I wanted to join him on a Eurojaunt, I jumped at the chance. My plans to learn sucba diving in Egypt were quickly abandoned as I booked my flight and AirBnB flat. I was off to spend 5 nights working on my daygame in the sun.

Since my daygame is awful and my AA high, my objective for the trip was not to get laid, but rather to do the following:

  • Put a big dent in my AA by doing lots of approaches
  • Learn how to conduct a successful Eurojaunt and live as a traveller (getting the logistics right) so I an do them effectively in the future
  • Absorb game knowledge from Krauser

In part 2, I arrive at my destination and things go wrong…


I haven’t blogged in a while. I began a new job as a Software Engineer at a tech startup about a month ago. It’s kept me very busy. I am intending on making two final entries in my Kratom experiment, but I haven’t had the time. I felt I should post a quick update. Partly to keep my readers informed, partly to help focus my thoughts.

As the title suggests, things aren’t going well for me at the moment. Things had been starting to look good on the daygame front in June. I was getting regular numbers, the odd date, and doing double digit approaches each week. Had I continued like this I think I would currently be averaging 20 approaches a week and looking to push that to 50 approaches per week over the next couple of months. That may sound like a lot, but in my opinion that’s what’s required to get good at daygame in a reasonable time frame.

So things will all buzzing along well. Then a couple of things happened in tandem:

  1. I started my new job
  2. I realised that despite putting many approaches in, I wasn’t really getting many results (in terms of hooks, numbers, dates and ultimately, lays)

As regular readers may be aware, my new job is a change in skill sets for me. In tech terms, I’ve gone from writing object orientated PHP for backend applications to writing functional JavaScript (ES6) code for both front and backend applications. This may not mean anything to the non tech people out there but basically it means the work I’m doing, while sharing core principles with my previous decade of experience, is very new. Think of a General Practitioner suddenly moving to a job as a surgeon, or visa versa. Medical science remains applicable, but the day to day job is very different.

The result of this is at work I feel:

  • Like a noob
  • Semi competent
  • A burden to coworkers because I have to ask for help a lot
  • Confused
  • Like I may loose my job at any moment
  • Extremely lacking confidence
  • Submissive

When you add all these things together, then combine that with the fact I realised daygame wasn’t going that well for me, you can imagine the result on my state. It’s almost impossible for a stressed out, worried submissive guy who lacks confidence can suddenly switch state to the confident, dominant, fun, sexual, devil may care attitude state when it’s time to approach.

The net result has been that I’ve approached less than 10 women in the past month. I’ve had no dates and haven’t got laid. I’m at the point now where I know as soon as I head out to daygame that I’m not in the right state to approach and hook, let alone pull. At the moment I literally can’t imagine opening and it going well.

It has brought it home to me how important my work life actually is to my game, and how easily it can interfere with it. My only happiness now is knowing that I have just 11 months left as a full time employee (if I follow my plan).

People will probably say one of two things in response to this:

  1. Stop thinking about everything else whilst you sarge. Just forget about work!
  2. Take a break from sarging and come back fresh.

My response would be that neither option will work for me. You can’t focus on not thinking about something and then forget it. The brain doesn’t work like that. Taking a break is a bad idea. I have had a daygame cycle over the past few years. It goes like this:

  1. Make a big push to get good at daygame. I’ve tried before and got better at it, but it’s been so long since I’ve done it that I’ve lost all previously acquired daygame skill. I’m essentially a complete novice. So I go out for a couple of months, trying really hard to get good, and slowly improve over those 2 months
  2. Take a break from daygame (for many different possible reasons). The break ends up being 6 months
  3. Decide to get back into daygame.
  4. Go to 1

The end result of this cycle is that I’ve spent a lot of time doing daygame over the years, yet I’m still a beginner, with only two daygame notches to his name. If I’m ever to get good at daygame, go on Euro Jaunts, travel and fuck my way around the world, and to bang the hotter women I want I must break this cycle. I must continue pushing at daygame for at least 18 months so that the skills stick. I’m just going to have to push though it.

I’ll be in Covent Garden in 70 minutes time. My plan is to focus on something that isn’t negative. I’m going to focus on sex, my horniness and how badly I want to fuck. The brain can only not think of something by focusing on something else instead. A subtle difference to just “Don’t think about it”. My plan is not to come home till I hit double figure approaches. Lets see how it goes.



Money, Money, Money

Today I want to talk about money. I will soon be writing my Sigma Lifestyle Manifesto. It sounds grand (and well, wanky), but it will lay out the basics of a Sigma style lifestyle. In a subsequent post I will tell you how I plan to live such a lifestyle for myself. The Manifesto will be an abstract, my lifestyle how I hope to implement it (nod to all fellow devs out there). This implementation will involve money, and a fair bit of it. This has lead me to do a lot of thinking about money recently. Specifically wealth. Game taught me I needed to understand women in order to attract lots of them. The same is true of wealth and money.

You would think that most people understand money. Just like most guys think they understand how to get women. The truth is they don’t. At least from my reading on wealth and what I’ve heard about people’s attitudes to it they don’t.

There are a couple of beliefs which I think are quite common in Western society about money which I think are wrong:

  1. Money, profit and wealth are bad
  2. Hard work should lead to wealth

I’ve covered the money is evil thing in a previous article. I find this insane, but it’s an attitude quite prevalent in our leftist society. The less well off don’t seem to realise they’re biting the hand that feeds them when they admonish the wealthy captains of industry. It’s as if the wealth of other somehow makes them poorer. Their logic isn’t flawed, it’s non existent.

Hard work doesn’t lead to wealth, all though it’s usually required to generate it at some point. If you are in any doubt of this, just ask how much a cleaner who works hard for 50 hours a week how wealthy they are. If all goes to plan, in 18 months time I’ll be earning around 3 times the UK median income, whilst only working 9 months of the year. This will mean I’m not working as hard as most people, yet earning much more than them.

The key to wealth, and explanation of why these two points are wrong is as follows:

Your wealth (or income) is a direct manifestation of the value you provide to others

This isn’t 100% true, as it doesn’t hold for inherited wealth or fraudsters, but on the whole it’s accurate.

Let’s take a look at some different points on the wealth scale and see how this works out:

Bill Gates – The richest man in the world. He provided massive value to a huge amount of people by founding a company which provides software that is a vital to the way we live our lives in the modern world. Lots of value, to lots of people, equals lots of wealth.

GPs (family doctors) – They earn 4 times the average UK income. The health services they provide are very valuable as they help keep people well and save lives. Unfortunately for them this value doesn’t scale to lots of people (they can only see one patient at a time), so although well off they are rarely rich.

Me – I earn twice the average UK income. I’m a software engineer. Although potentially my work can deliver a lot of value at scale via the internet, that’s not how it works in reality. I provide my employer value by writing web software. He then harnesses this value over the internet to work at a large scale. My value is just offered to him, not directly to the millions of people who use our website. It’s the business as a whole who offers value to him. Hence I just take a small cut of the value.

A Street Sweeper – 2/3rds average UK income. On the face of it the street sweeper offers a good deal of value. Who would want to live somewhere where the streets were never cleaned? The sweepers problem is that his value is negated by the lack of skill involved in his work. Since the labour is unskilled the supply is abundant, and therefore low value, no matter how much people benefit from it.

So there it is. Wealth is a result of offering lots of value, which can’t be easily competed with, directly (ie not via an employer) to lots of people. On the face of it this may seem obvious, but it really isn’t. This is easily evident in places like the Entrepreneur subreddit where people look for businesses which are easy to start rather than looking for ways to offer value, or amongst the community of wannabe affiliate markers who offer no value but rather try and game a shitty, low  content, ad laden website onto the front page of google. It also explains why poor people who squawk about being poor despite working just as hard as rich people are mislead.

Another big one is the whole, “Money can’t buy you happiness” meme. This one is insidious because there is some truth in it, so people fall into the trap of believing it. The truth is no one thing in life can make you happy, but having money clearly maximizes your chances of happiness. If I made $1 million a year, I could pay $20k to have Gianna Michaels or some other hot pornstar shipped over to my luxury flat where they’d bounce up and down on my cock all night. It might not lead to a lifetime of happiness, but that experience would make me happy for the night. Happiness is never a permanent state of being (this too shall pass…), but you can purchase experiences that make you temporarily happy. Since happiness is only temporary anyway, this is fine.

The number one thing happiness buys you is time. If you have £10 million in the bank you have enough money to buy the rest of your life. What I mean by this is that you can afford to never work again (or if you do work it will be your choice, and 100% on your terms). This means you get to choose how to spend every day for the rest of your life. Contrast this to poorer people, who have no choice but to spend most of their days working in a job they need rather than choose. This is my main motivation for being wealthy. I’m not interested in fast cars, huge houses or $10k suits. I want to buy every second of my time for the rest of my life. This is freedom. This is the main reason money can help make you happy, and the people who say otherwise are wrong. Money = time = freedom, and freedom is probably the greatest asset of them all.

If people ever tell you, “There’s more to life than money”, ask them this:

At the moment you have to work 40 hours a week, for most if not all of the rest of your life. Seeing as this is how you must spend your time, wouldn’t you rather make a huge amount of money for those 40 hours rather than the small amount you make now? Even better wouldn’t you rather have so much money that you didn’t have to work those 40 hours? Becoming rich is obviously the best choice.

Funny how poor people who say there’s more to life than money often seem to spend more time talking and thinking about money than rich people do.

Progress Report

As we’re nearly half the way through the year, I thought I’d look at my 2015 goals again and update you all on my progress.

  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program – Done
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year – Done (sort of)
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays – 1 of 6
  5. Save £10k ($15k) – Not going to happen
  6. Learn to scuba dive – In progress

After spending about 8 months retraining in my spare time I have gotten a job which has allowed me to broaden my skill set such that I should be able to find a lot of profitable contract work in the near future. The ‘sort of’ part is that it doesn’t earn me quite the 90k I was hoping for, but on the flip side of that I do get a not insubstantial amount of stock in the company. I’ll tick this one off.

I’m currently doing the theory section of my scuba diving training online at home. It’s boring. I hope to do the swimming pool training next month, but I’ve picked up a minor chest infection (or lung cancer, who knows) that doesn’t seem to want to do away. My theory has shown me that lung problems as scuba can be a potentially fatal mix, so I’m currently trying to quite smoking (again) to speed up recovery.

The money issue. Last year I was moderately good at saving. This year I’ve been terrible. I now earn almost £1,000 per month more than I need to have a reasonable quality of life. My future plans rely on me having 10 – 15k in the bank, so I need to develop better spending habits. In truth I squander 100s a month. I hope to end up saving 5k this year, will be OK with 4k though. Next year saving will be a big focus. I haven’t increased my fixed costs in years so this should not be too hard, just down to habits.

My game has been almost non existent this year. I’ve only fucked 3 women. Two from online dating, and one a long game day game lay. I’ve decided to progress I need to go cold turkey on online dating. Doing this has made me realise how much I relied on it last year, and how long it’s been since I’ve done regular cold approach. I used to be unsure if game actually made a difference or not. I thought maybe it’s just because I approach more and look better since starting game. The nightgame I’ve done this year proves to me that there is such a thing as game, and it is most noticeable when it is absent. I’ve grown out of practice. My vibe is off. This shows at the end of the night when I’m left thinking, “I’m sure it used to be easier than this”.

All in all I’m mainly moving in the right direction. The diving will come in time, that’s fairly simple. I’ve mainly written of the saving of the 10k. That leaves game.

I’m fairly sure that if I bang 5 more girls from daygame this year, one of them will be an 8. Daygame seems to be the best form of game in terms of getting quality of girls. This means I’m going to focus on daygame.

Although I’ve always struggled with daygame, I’m close to a mental tipping point with it. At the moment I don’t actually like daygame. I find it boring and scary. Once I reach a critical mass of lays (probably only a couple or so more required), my brain will associate daygame with sex (as opposed to wondering up and down Oxford Street weaselling out of sets). As soon as this happens I will love daygame. I’ll go out more, open more and have a better vibe. When this happens my results will snowball.

I’m going to have to give my new job a bit of focus. I skills won’t be a 100% in it for a while, plus I have the feeling some fairly long hours will be expected at times. Apart from that my life is pretty clear to make daygame a priority for at least the next 7 months, possibly a year. Time to set a sub goal.

My goal is to be opening 20 daygame sets a week by the end of July 2015. Since I only usually manage to do 5 – 10, this is a lot for me, which is why I’ve given myself 2 months. part of me thinks this is bullshit, as the only thing stopping me opening 20 sets tomorrow is me. Realistically though, there are some mental battles to be won before I’ll do that.

This first part of the year hasn’t been that happy for me. I think now I am in a good position to do things that will make me happier going forward. Namely fucking hot young girls from daygame.

Do You Even Sarge, Bro?

I still remember when I first entered the seduction community about 6 years ago. At the time I wasn’t getting laid, and didn’t know how to. I was full at hope of what the community had to offer me. At the same time there was much doubt. Did it really work? Would I be successful with it? I remember reading that at most maybe 10% of people who start out in the seduction community actually end up having good levels of success with women. I wanted to know what separated the 10% from the 90% of failures. Now I know.

I’ve recently been easing my way back into cold approach after doing very little of it during much of last year (last year was the Year of Tinder for me), and none at the beginning of this year. I’m perfectly happy solo daygaming, but for nightgame I want wings. This is actually a prerequisite to some extent, as many clubs in London won’t let you in if you’re flying solo (“No single entries” they say). I have a few guys I go out with, but many of them go out irregularly these days. I want a regular wolf pack who goes out every Saturday.

Despite posting for wings / meetups several times on a London based forum, and being added to a whatsapp group with over 100 London based forum guys on there, I’m still yet to find a new wings. I’ve only met one guy. I get very few responses for postings. When I do actually swap numbers with guys they’re harder to get out on a sarge than it is to convert a girl’s number to a date. Either they have to get up early the next morning, or are off to a party on Saturday night, or ect…

It seems to me that for all the talk about seduction that goes on online on forums and the comment sections of blogs, very few people regularly sarge. Go to /r/seduction and look at the posts. From the content and topics discussed try and work out how many of the people posting there sarge consistently, or have even tried to do so. Many of the post are about social circle, online dates or escaping the dreaded ‘Friendzone’.

This is what it comes down to. The 90% of men who fail at seduction do so because they don’t ever sarge regularly. Yes there are some exceptions, like the guy on the RSD forums who did 1,000 cold approaches and only every got one BJ, but generally it’s just because guys don’t consistently cold approach. Every guy I’ve been out with who sticks with it for 1+ years of regular sarging has at least a decent amount of success with women. It’s the same with the gym. There is no secret. Guys who are consistent with their training and nutrition over a period of multiple years have good bodies. Guys that aren’t, don’t.

I know some people have other things going on in their life. Social circles. Careers. Hobbies. All these things are great, but part of success is prioritisation. If you want to excel in one area, you have to be willing to let other areas of your life decline. You only have so much time and mental energy each week, and so a decision to do one thing is often also an implicit decision not to do other things. If you want to get good with women you need to be willing to devote 10 hours a week to cold approach, for a whole year, minimum.

I hope to have my career goal for this year ticked of my list soon. If I achieve this my focus will start to shift back on to cold approach, primarily daygame. I will be successful in this endeavour. I know this because I will be employing my secret. That secret is consistency.

Yes, I sarge. What about you. Do you even sarge, bro?