Where The Old PUAs Go To Die

When discussing pro PUAs (think RooshV, Yad, TylerRSD) with friends, at some point someone (possibly me) will say, “… but they’ll be fucked when they’re older”. The thinking behind this is that they make their money by picking up girls, and teaching other guys how to do this. A job like this surely has quite a young retirement age attached to it. It’s unlikely they can be doing this successfully in their late 40s. So what will they do next? They’ve got one skill (pickup) that will be useless to them when they get to a certain age.

At first I thought as entrepreneurs they could just find a new business. As I thought more about this I started thinking as the manosphere ‘market’ as a whole, and had some interesting thoughts on where it’s heading.

Big changes in Western society mean that marriage rates have been declining rapidly since the 60s with this trend accelerating in the 00s.

Between 2000 and 2009, the share of young adults ages 25 to 34 who are married dropped 10 percentage points, from 55 percent to 45 percent, according to ACS data. During the same period, the percentage who have never been married increased sharply, from 34 percent to 46 percent. In a dramatic reversal, the proportion of young adults in the United States who have never been married now exceeds those who are married.

I will never get married (for reasons which I presume are obvious to my readership). If the current marriage trend continues it is estimated that half of the men in Western countries will never get married. In a decade’s time I will be in my early 40s. I predict that that by this point I will be the rule, not the exception. I beleive less men will end up getting married than the article suggests. It really wouldn’t surprise me if by the time I’m 40 odd and still single, around 60 percent of men will be in the same boat. While this doesn’t mean these men won’t have kids, I think a good percentage of them won’t. In the 2020s you will have a situation where a sizeable proportion of men (maybe 20%):

  • Have never been married, and never will
  • Don’t have kids, and never will
  • Have no financial responsibilities, barring their own personal needs
  • Aren’t strongly tied to one geographic location
  • Still want casual sex with many different partners, and are free to pursue this

This will be the first time in human history when this is the case. There will be too many of us to dismiss as ‘Peter Pans’ who never grew up. There will be millions of us. We will be legion. Obviously this will be very worrying for society (and especially women), as this is a demographic that would have traditionally shouldered the bulk of the tax burden, in addition to giving most of their money to their wives. They won’t be doing this any more, and yet government spending seems to keep increasing… You get the picture. How badly this could fuck society in the ass isn’t what this post is about, I just find it ammusing that the manosphere sees this coming, whilst the sociologists and the politicians can’t see the storm front on the horizon.

So what has all this got to do with ageing professional PUAs? In the coming years the type of man I described above will make up a very lucrative market. These men are going to be in the market to buy products in the form of books, DVDs, seminars, supplements that will help them do the following:

  • Make money in a location independent manner
  • Manage their money wisely
  • Live abroad
  • Learn languages
  • Stay looking young and in shape despite ageing
  • Pickup girls much younger then them, or failing that
  • Get women in their 30s who want commitment from a man to accept fuck buddy status

All this information is currently offered to some degree across the internet, but there aren’t many people as of yet specifically targeting the ‘mature manosphere’ and their needs. I think many people who today make their money selling PUA services will transition to selling to this market. The PUA material will simply shift emphasis to dealing with multi decade age gaps between a man and the girls he wants, and add an emphasis on travel and entrepreneurship.

Having seen increased references to location independence, personal finance and things like Euro jaunts this transition is already taking place. It’s a slightly different market from just selling cold approach bootcamps to guys in their 20s, and it will be very profitable for the right person with the right products.