Looking ahead

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It’s that time when I’m pretty much done with the current year and looking ahead to the new one. A chance to plan for future success. 2016 was meh for me. I got laid with 11 new women, all but one in the 7 – 8 range, but for some reason I don’t feel like I’ve progressed. There have been some good things:

  1. I have quite smoking as of a month ago and replaced it with vaping. It’s much safer (scientists think…), is less than half the price (until the EU taxes the fuck out of it… when are we Brexiting again?) and doesn’t make my breath / clothes / flat smell awful. If you’re a smoker I highly recommend it. It made giving up cigarettes effortless, as you don’t have to give up nicotine.
  2. I’ve put on lots of muscle at the gym thanks to test and deca. This does have its disadvantages (more on this later), and I’ve also put on loads of fat. I now weight in at 16st 10lbs (234lbs) at a height of 5ft9.
  3. My sense of entitlement towards women has increased. I now expect to get 7s and 8s. 7s even bore me a little. This will make it much easier to get hotter girls.
  4. Got a big pay rise. My income is significantly above average. Although I complain about money and am still terrible at managing it (I spend it all and max out credit cards all the time, self discipline!), I must admit my income keeps me comfortably, even in one of the most expensive cities in the world. For example this month I both visited Berlin for a long weekend, and flew a girl from Glasgow to London and back, all on a months salary, without having to save for these things as a special expense. This is a far cry away from worrying about spending too much on taxis when extracting girls from clubs like I did 3 or 4 years ago. I should be earning even more next year…
  5. I quit my job, and plan to never get another permanent job awaits. With my skills an income of around 6 figures a year (in pounds sterling) can be expected from the contract market, plus much more time off. It’s really satisfying to have spent the past decade or more becoming an expert in a complex skill (software engineering) and now being able to cash in on it.

Time to look ahead to the new year. Yet again it will be a battle against not the world, but myself and my lack of self discipline. I believe on only focusing on one big thing at a time, but this is going to be hard this year as there’s so much to do. As I see it I have 3 main problem areas that need to be addressed:

  1. Appearance
  2. Daygame
  3. Money

I got a bit fat during bulking. I have already begun slowly over time restricting my calories, and adding HIIT to my gym sessions. This will peak on 1st Jan 2017 when I will be consuming around 2000 calories a day, and going to the gym 4 days a weak. I will maintain this cutting regime for 3 months. Just to make sure the muscle stays on while the fat comes off I’ll be taking 500mg test a week during this period. I’ll add anvar and winstrol during the last 6 weeks. These are good for cutting, but because they are orals instead of injectables they are hard on the liver, hence the short time I’ll remain on these.

My bulk means I have grown out of all my clothes. Whereas I was once reasonably stylish, everything I own being one size too small makes me look sloppy. The problem is it isn’t just a case of buying new clothes, as the following story illustrates.

I was walking down Carnaby street trying to convince myself to do some daygame, when I spotted a nice looking winter coat in a shop window. It was somehow both gritty and sleek at the same time. I decided going in and trying it on would be the perfect avoidance weasel, as I really do need a winter coat. I tried on the largest size they had. As nice as it was, my arms caused the sleeves to bulge and it was too tight around the chest to do up without the buttons straining. This was of course due to my wing like lats and protruding pecs, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the size of my belly. The shop assistant told me that was the largest size they had in that coat. When I asked if they were getting bigger sizes in she said that’s the largest it came in. It was an XL and still didn’t fit. Looking on their website I saw that XL is for a 42 inch chest, and based on their size guide my 46 inch chest makes me an XXXL.

What the fuck. It’s like clothes are made for girly men. I feel like one of those women in the US who’s the size of a whale and goes around squawking about how oppressive it is that clothes are only make for skinny women. Steroids have turned me into what I hate the most: a fat chick.

I’ll loose some size when the fat goes, but off the shelf stuff is going to be tough. It should be easier for more casual items like t-shirts and sweaters, but for more formalwear I won’t be able to find stuff that has a big enough chest measurement without having really long arms. I yearn for swole acceptance to go mainstream. To have my broad shoulders accepted by society. To be able to buy off the shelf clothes other than sweatpants and hoodies. Until society becomes more enlightened I’m going to have to bite the bullet  and shell out about £1400 on 5 tailored shirts and two tailored suits next year. It should still be possible to buy more casual clothes off the shelf as their fit tends to be more forgiving then tailored stuff, although I’ll have to shop around.

In the long run this has made me thing that I’ll probably stay clear of bulking in the future. For my height a bodyweight of around 200lbs and 10% body fat should be my aim, with all efforts being to just maintain this. I could have 18 inch arms within 18 months, but this seems not only pointless but counter productive. I will also think about cruising on a small, almost TRT dose of test long term in the future. My only concern is what to do while traveling for multiple weeks, but this is another problem for another time.

Onto daygame. You may have noticed that I have added a daygame score card to the top of the post. It will be added to every post from now on until the end of 2017. As you can see with only 10 sets down out of 1,000, things aren’t going well. As of early next year I will be in my first contract role, and so my focus will shift from interview preparation to daygame. I’ll be having a coaching session every other week, and will have some months where I go out and approach each and every day. I am currently reading Tom Torero’s book ‘Daygame’. It’s basically a collection of lay reports which chart his rise from stay at home geek to top daygamer. I can’t help but be motivated by his stories of threesomes, quick bounce backs and eurojaunt lays. This sounds like a good way to live my life for the next couple of years. One thing that does come across is his dedication. He doesn’t give counts of the number of sets he opens, but his stories of regularly going out and not getting in till 3am, or going straight to work the next day after having a late night lay certainly leave me with the impression that he was almost constantly sarging. This tenacious approach pays off for him though. He got something like 30 lays in hist first year. In my first year I got 4. The only thing I don’t like about his approach is how hyper social he seems to be. Always feeling the need to chat to randoms he won’t lay for social proof, and getting huge groups of girls together. I will go for a more introverted style.

When I first started out in game I wondered if it would ever be possible for me to get good at it and get the results. I now know I can crack daygame, I just need to put the reps in. 1,000 approaches before 2018 should be a minimum. If all goes ok on the contracting side of things, I should at the very minimum be able to fit in a couple of 3 week long eurojaunts in 2017. These daygame intensive trips should massively increase both my daygame skills and lay count.

Last, but by no means least, money. It’s mostly poor / not very well off people who spout the phrase, “money won’t make you happy”. I think you, as I do, will chuckle at the irony there. It could be said to be more short sighted than ironic, but you get the point. I have decided I want to be very well off. There are a few reasons for this, but I’ll probably cover them in more detail in another post (basically fine food, security, freedom and to be able to bang young women when I’m old).

What do I count as very well off? I have decided I want an income of £10k a month. That’s £10k after being financially raped by the government paying tax. Given the UK’s high tax rate, this means I need to gross around £207,000 a year. I can maybe earn just over half this from salaried work, so I will need to start a business. Running as a business I may also be able to reduce my tax burden so I can make less but still hit the £10k monthly.

I want to start some sort of ecommerce website. I have no idea what yet. I have decided I will start a small dropshipping based business next year. This will not make me the income I want, but will provide me with the skills, knowledge and funds to start a business which will. I will begin working on this on the second half of 2017. When you’re the one taking home all the profits, I don’t think £200k is going to be unachievable. It’s only salaried work that comes with such a low cap.

It seems so simple when writing this, but there’s a lot to do.

3 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. “Until society becomes more enlightened I’m going to have to bite the bullet and shell out about £1400 on 5 tailored shirts and two tailored suits next year.”

    Gamma watch: The world should conform to my beliefs.


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