Muscle Measurements & Workouts – Pre Steroids (21/11/2015)

I took my first shot of testosterone a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d do my before measurements. I did take a picture too but hated it because I look less muscular and more fat than I thought. It therefore isn’t included.

I’ll be doing a full break down of my reasons for taking roids, what I took and how, my diet and exercise routines (all logged on apps) after I finish my cycle in 8 weeks time. This will give any guys in their late 20s / 30s a good idea of what to expect from beginners cycle of test.


Height: 5″9′
Weight: 193lb
Waist skinfold: 8mm
Bicep: 15 inches
Chest: 44 inches
Shoulders: 46.5 inches
Waist: 38 inches
Waist:Shoulder: 1:1.2
Calf: 15.5 inches
Neck: 15.5 inches
Thigh: 22.5 inches

These are my workouts for the past week, so I can compare them to the last week of my cycle:

Sunday: Weak Point Training (chest) + Cardio (I skipped the cardio!)

Pec Dec
Set 1: 10 x 49 kg

Incline db press
Set 1: 5 x 25 kg

Cable Crossovers
Set 1: 10 × 28 kg

Monday: Legs & Abs

Set 1: 4 x 110 kg

Leg Extensions
Set 1: 7 × 56 kg

Calf Raise
Set 1: 10 × 88 kg

Hanging side knee raise
Set 1: 5 reps

Ab machine
Set 1: 8 40 kg

Set 1: 1 reps

Tuesday: Back & Biceps

Set 1: 2 reps
Set 2: 2 reps
Set 3: 1 reps
Set 4: 1 reps
Set 5: 1 reps

Straight arm pull downs
Set 1: 12 × 21 kg

Bent over rows
Set 1: 6 × 50 kg

Db curls
Set 1: 10 × 12.5 kg

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Pec Dec
Set 1: 11 × 49 kg

Chest press
Set 1: 11 × 56 kg

Posing pressups
Set 1: 5 reps

Db laterals
Set 1: 11 × 5 kg

Set 1: 13 × 70 kg

Thursday: Wrestling class

13 thoughts on “Muscle Measurements & Workouts – Pre Steroids (21/11/2015)

    • Well yes, but the trouble is now I’m saying to myself: I can eat pizza and burgers… the steroids will just turn all of the calories into muscle! Not sure it works that way in reality.


      • Yeah my flatmate fell into that trap. He did a cycle but didn’t eat clean. He definitely gained some muscle, but because he was eating worse he gained bellyfat, and when he tried to cut that post cycle he lost a lot of the muscle.

        I think they’re most useful for muscle retention when cutting.


  1. Mate, you seriously don’t need steroids with those lifts, you need a better workout program and possibly diet, you should be able to lift 2x bodyweight deadlift without needing steroids. Check out Starting Strength.


    • I’ve done a 2 x BW dead lift without steroids back when I was a teenager, along with big squats too. That got me a huge ass and legs so big they got sore from rubbing together when I walked. Also shopping for trousers was a huge problem for me at that time. Never again!

      Starting strength is good for beginners to give them a muscular base and learn the basics, but after that routines should be designed to focus on the points that a trainer wants to improve, with more specific goals in mind.

      I hadn’t trained legs for 6 months before doing those weights which is why DL is so low (plus was just coming off a long low carb diet when I did them). This is because I don’t really need much more size on my legs, and adding size to my legs is easy. My legs are below my genetic (natty) potential, and they will remain as such (will probably only train them twice a month on my next cycle, or just not increase weights) because that’s what I want.

      After this cycle, in terms of adding mass, I will only be interested in back width and chest size. Maybe shoulder width. Everything else (legs, arms, overall shoulder size, back thickness) is good enough as far as I’m concerned. It’s always been back width and chest that has given me trouble, and the drugs will (and are) helping to solve that.


  2. How is your cycle going? I’m thinking of starting one since everything where I live is otc, very cheap, and easy to get.

    By the way great blog dude. Did you ever think about working remotely instead of living in London? I used to be a dev in the USA, but after going red pill decided fuck it. I saved up a giant buffer of money then moved to Thailand. Now I work remotely for a client in the USA earning western wages but living in cheap ass Thailand. I get huge tax savings and the miniscule cost of living is great.

    Not only am I leveraging the currency arbitrage but my SMV is 2-3 points higher as well. I think this is the future of game. Guys tough it out on the western grind house, get money and a skill, and then jump ship to non western underdeveloped countries. Game+Money+Sea or Ee = good times.


    • The cycle is in bug trouble as I ran out of gear after 6 weeks instead of 8. The vial was meant to be 10ml but was closer to 8ml (or I measured incorrectly). Trying to quickly get more, but if I can’t by next weekend I’ll just go into PCT. Will suck as they gear only really kicked in 2 weeks ago, so the cycle won’t have been that effective.

      I have thought about remote working. My trouble with this would be finding lucrative contracts in the UK that will allow me to work remotely. In London when I go contract I’d be wanting around £400 a day, and would be happy with half that in Eastern Europe. How did you go about finding remote work? Elance and the like seems to suck.


      • Elance and the others do suck. I know a guy in here in Thailand who is from the UK, been working remote over 10 years. Started in Brazil and then went to Thailand. He does front end web stuff.

        There are lots of sites that specialize in remote jobs and remote work. I could write a book on it here in the comments isn’t the place. Just know it’s out there if you have skills.


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