My First Eurojaunt – Part 1: The what and why of Eurojaunts

Popularised by tales from the likes of Krauser, Bodi and Torero, Eurojaunts have become all the rage amongst daygamers recently. Eurojaunts are simple: a daygamer from a Western country spends a week or two doing daygame in an Eastern European / FSU country.

At first glance this just seems like a daygame holiday; a way to do some daygame whilst simultaneously enjoying better weather. This seemed kind of pointless to me, I can just do daygame in London without spending money on flights and accommodation. It wasn’t until I recently went on my first Eurojaunt that I learned that they give far greater benefit than just daygame in the sun. There’s a phrase that sums up this benefit very succinctly: value arbitrage.

I was first introduced to the term ‘value arbitrage’ during a seminar Krauser gave on SMV theory earlier in the year. Value arbitrage is when you leverage the fact that the value of goods differs between locations. Take for example steak. The average steak in London is both more expensive and of lower quality than the average steak in Argentina. This is due to the fact that Argentina has a better quality of beef, and the fact that everything produced locally in Argentina is cheaper due to lower land and labour costs there compared to in Britain.

How does this apply to getting laid? The sexual market place is just the same as the steak market place. Goods (women) differ in quality (attractiveness) in different markets, as does their price (level of attractiveness required by the male). Let’s see how a competent daygamer would put this into practice. We’ll call our intrepid pussy hound bob.

  1. Bob is a 6/10 in terms of looks
  2. In London, it takes Bob 70 daygame approaches to get a girl who’d be considered a HB6 by London standards into bed.
  3. Bob flies to Eastern Europe.
  4. It takes Bob 70 daygame approaches to get a HB6 in the Eastern European country into bed.
  5. The HB6 in Eastern Europe is an HB7 by London standards.
  6. Bob has now effectively increased the hotness of his average lay by 1 whole point (and he only had to fly 1,000 miles to do it!).

The hotness of the girls is only half the story. One thing that is often overlooked in game is the attractiveness of male competition within the market place in which you operate.

This is something I’m very aware of in nightclubs. People often point out to me that women are on average hotter in London’s bottle service clubs as compared to the meat market clubs I frequent. Although this is true, the average quality of men in bottle service clubs is far far higher than in other clubs. This at best negates the increased attractiveness of the girls. I would even go so far as to say it’s actually harder to do as well in a bottle service club as in other clubs because of this.

In many Eastern European countries not only are the girls more attractive than in the West, but in addition to this the average men are actually less attractive. The average guy in London is richer, has better style, is more interesting and is more ambitious then the average Eastern European guy. This means that Bob is not only entering a market place where the goods he wants to buy are cheaper, but the currency he’s spending is also more valuable than back home. Bob could now possibly get an HB8 (by London standards) for his 70 approaches. Not bad, Bob.

In a nutshell Eurojaunts are worthwhile as you will get to fuck better looking girls for the same amount of effort. This assumes you have some game and can regularly pull on your home turf. You can’t just roll up and wave your western passport at a girl and have her drop her knickers. If your daygame sucks in London (or New York, Sydney etc) then you won’t magically get laid in Eastern Europe.

With all this in mind, when I got an email from Krauser a few months back asking if I wanted to join him on a Eurojaunt, I jumped at the chance. My plans to learn sucba diving in Egypt were quickly abandoned as I booked my flight and AirBnB flat. I was off to spend 5 nights working on my daygame in the sun.

Since my daygame is awful and my AA high, my objective for the trip was not to get laid, but rather to do the following:

  • Put a big dent in my AA by doing lots of approaches
  • Learn how to conduct a successful Eurojaunt and live as a traveller (getting the logistics right) so I an do them effectively in the future
  • Absorb game knowledge from Krauser

In part 2, I arrive at my destination and things go wrong…

9 thoughts on “My First Eurojaunt – Part 1: The what and why of Eurojaunts

  1. “Bob is a 6/10 in terms of looks”

    It still makes me laugh how many of the UK day gamers focus so much on looks as though it were the one defining factor in order to get a girl into bed. I’m quite a good looking guy and I’m a little above average height. Let me tell you something, if my vibe/game is off I’m usually fucked. If it’s on I can usually get fucked.

    I’d hope by now that most men in the “pick-up community” would have realised that even if looks do matter it’s only a small percentage. Guys are not girls! There are hot male models who get turned down by girls lower down on the looks scale (if you don’t believe me watch the Channel 4 show “First Dates”, there are some perfect examples). You can infer from this that I’m not a big believer in “good-looking guy game”.

    If a girl has a hot face/figure she’s attractive to men. If a guy has a strong frame he’s usually attractive to women.

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    • The overall point is once you’re good enough to pull regularly from daygame then Eurojaunts will get you hotter girls with the same game.

      Yes looks aren’t everything. Yes there are good looking guys that do abysmally with women. The fact still remains that looks are a major factor. The bigger the gap in looks between you and the girl, the better your game needs to be to overcome it.

      A thought experiment. Say we could have a 10/10 6ft tall male model and a 5ft7 tall 5/10 guy with an average face. Each have identical personalities and competence at game. Each have identical incomes, logistics for pulling and amounts of spare time. Each do 1,000 daygame sets in central London opening HB8+s over the course of a year. You think that they will get anywhere near close to identical results?


      • Regarding the thought experiment, I think it would be tempting at first to say all other things equal the good looking model would get much better results, right?

        And this is something I would have believed several years ago, however, at the moment I’m not so sure. So the exact question is would they get anything close to identical results?

        First of all, if both have pretty lousy game I believe the gap between the good-looking guy and the average guy will be wider. That is, the good-looking guy’s results will be better because obviously women will be choosing him over the other guy solely based on his looks advantage.

        However, if both have very good game I think it would be a different story. I think the difference in results may be smaller to the point even where it’s perhaps negligible. So in this case they may have close to identical results. Why is this? I believe this happens because women place a much higher value on men who are charismatic, charming, empathetic, seductive, easy to talk to etc. If both the model and the average guy have these things this is going to be ticking the majority of their boxes (oy oy). So would they care too much that the other guy isn’t really that good-looking? Perhaps not. This might sound hard to believe. And it may not be true, but the same could be said about the model automatically having better results.

        If you’ve seen some of the RSD vids you may have heard about a guy called Derek, in fact he’s even been in a couple. He’s a very average looking guy, mid 30’s and a bit fat. Yet it’s been mentioned a few times that he has some of the best game (and results) that their crew have ever seen. The guy has a complete boss vibe. For example, when meeting his new hot model gf’s parents their dog came at the door and started barking at him like crazy. His response? To grab the dog by it’s neck in front of parents, choke it and make it submit. Even better looking instructors like Julien and Brad (who could be viewed as the models in this example) look up to the guy as a role model and mentor. In fact, Brad and Derek used to wing each other and I find it hard to believe that their was a massive gulf in results between the two.

        But, without seeing these guys out doing their thing it’s difficult to tell for sure. I would say the only major difference is the average guy needs to do a better job of keeping the girl’s attention for the first minute or so after that it’s probably relatively similar.


      • “However, if both have very good game I think it would be a different story. I think the difference in results may be smaller to the point even where it’s perhaps negligible. So in this case they may have close to identical results. ”

        They wouldn’t have close to identical results. Thats ridiculous as saying personality would be negligible when pulling women if all other things are equal. Doesn’t matter if they both have ‘very good game’. The 5ft7 tall 5/10 guy with an average face is working at a massive deficit and thus his results are going to be much lower unless you think both guys have 100% success which is ridiculous.

        It’s kind of like saying who wins in a fight between 2 guys of the exact same skill. Say they are both black belts in the same discipline and have the exact same skill leve. Yet one guy is a 6ft tall super athlete and the other guy is 5’7 and average strength /speed. Who do you think wins if they fight 1000 times?


  2. In central Europe, guys are good looking. Almost every young solid guy is now working out and has solid style. Guys focus on looks and value a lot, because the society is more traditional.
    Also, girls are hotter generally, but it’s harder to get normal girls. So for 6’s and 7’s, it’s easier in London because of feminism. If she likes you in London, she’ll sleep with you, here are more social barriers. For 8, 9’s it’s “easier” in central Europe because there is more of them and they have less value compared to rare well connected hot chick in London. But it usually takes time and is still very hard unless you’re top player.
    So unless you’re really good, you might struggle more in Europe.
    Even top PUA’s usually settle on 6’s or broken 7’s to get laid here and label them as solid 8. 9’s see through the fakery.


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