I haven’t blogged in a while. I began a new job as a Software Engineer at a tech startup about a month ago. It’s kept me very busy. I am intending on making two final entries in my Kratom experiment, but I haven’t had the time. I felt I should post a quick update. Partly to keep my readers informed, partly to help focus my thoughts.

As the title suggests, things aren’t going well for me at the moment. Things had been starting to look good on the daygame front in June. I was getting regular numbers, the odd date, and doing double digit approaches each week. Had I continued like this I think I would currently be averaging 20 approaches a week and looking to push that to 50 approaches per week over the next couple of months. That may sound like a lot, but in my opinion that’s what’s required to get good at daygame in a reasonable time frame.

So things will all buzzing along well. Then a couple of things happened in tandem:

  1. I started my new job
  2. I realised that despite putting many approaches in, I wasn’t really getting many results (in terms of hooks, numbers, dates and ultimately, lays)

As regular readers may be aware, my new job is a change in skill sets for me. In tech terms, I’ve gone from writing object orientated PHP for backend applications to writing functional JavaScript (ES6) code for both front and backend applications. This may not mean anything to the non tech people out there but basically it means the work I’m doing, while sharing core principles with my previous decade of experience, is very new. Think of a General Practitioner suddenly moving to a job as a surgeon, or visa versa. Medical science remains applicable, but the day to day job is very different.

The result of this is at work I feel:

  • Like a noob
  • Semi competent
  • A burden to coworkers because I have to ask for help a lot
  • Confused
  • Like I may loose my job at any moment
  • Extremely lacking confidence
  • Submissive

When you add all these things together, then combine that with the fact I realised daygame wasn’t going that well for me, you can imagine the result on my state. It’s almost impossible for a stressed out, worried submissive guy who lacks confidence can suddenly switch state to the confident, dominant, fun, sexual, devil may care attitudeĀ state when it’s time to approach.

The net result has been that I’ve approached less than 10 women in the past month. I’ve had no dates and haven’t got laid. I’m at the point now where I know as soon as I head out to daygame that I’m not in the right state to approach and hook, let alone pull. At the moment I literally can’t imagine opening and it going well.

It has brought it home to me how important my work life actually is to my game, and how easily it can interfere with it. My only happiness now is knowing that I have just 11 months left as a full time employee (if I follow my plan).

People will probably say one of two things in response to this:

  1. Stop thinking about everything else whilst you sarge. Just forget about work!
  2. Take a break from sarging and come back fresh.

My response would be that neither option will work for me. You can’t focus on not thinking about something and then forget it. The brain doesn’t work like that. Taking a break is a bad idea. I have had a daygame cycle over the past few years. It goes like this:

  1. Make a big push to get good at daygame. I’ve tried before and got better at it, but it’s been so long since I’ve done it that I’ve lost all previously acquired daygame skill. I’m essentially a complete novice. So I go out for a couple of months, trying really hard to get good, and slowly improve over those 2 months
  2. Take a break from daygame (for many different possible reasons). The break ends up being 6 months
  3. Decide to get back into daygame.
  4. Go to 1

The end result of this cycle is that I’ve spent a lot of time doing daygame over the years, yet I’m still a beginner, with only two daygame notches to his name. If I’m ever to get good at daygame, go on Euro Jaunts, travel and fuck my way around the world, and to bang the hotter women I want I must break this cycle. I must continue pushing at daygame for at least 18 months so that the skills stick. I’m just going to have to push though it.

I’ll be in Covent Garden in 70 minutes time. My plan is to focus on something that isn’t negative. I’m going to focus on sex, my horniness and how badly I want to fuck. The brain can only not think of something by focusing on something else instead. A subtle difference to just “Don’t think about it”. My plan is not to come home till I hit double figure approaches. Lets see how it goes.



3 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Hello,

    I’ve read your former blog (betaToPua) and I’m pleased to see that you keep up the fight. I’m french and I started practicing daygame last week with wingmen I met online. The experience is really intense ! I approached 20 women so far and didn’t get any number.

    I do the same job as you used to do (symfony developer for a very high traffic website) and while I love it I also know this job can really suck your energy, especially when you work with people more skilled than you, putting you in the apprentice position.

    Anyway, I’d like to give a tip, despite my very humble experience: why don’t you take breaks from work, 25mn in the morning and 25mn in the afternoon, to approach at least 1 girl each time. If you could stick to it it could add 44 approaches to your total monthly approaches !


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