Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Week 3

My Kratom experiment to reduce AA and increase vibe continues. Unfortunately I’m writing this a couple of weeks after the fact, and as such cannot remember all of the details, but it’s mostly in line with my first weeks results.

15th June – Daygame

5g Malay from Moderate AA reduction, no increase in vibe.

17 June – Daygame

4g Borneo Red Vein from Herbal Eye. Same as above.

19 June – Daygame

5g Red Thai from No real effect, only opened a couple of sets in a couple of hours.

20 June – Daygame

8g Bali from, followed a couple of hours later (mid sarge) with 4g White Borneo from Herbal Eye. This was a good session. My AA was fairly low and my vibe was very good. Opened about 7 sets. This was over a long time period, but that’s because the sarge was broken up by meeting a wing. I did get a bit high (weed style), which I would consider a negative side effect.

I started of by taking what I thought was 6g bali (which I’d previously seen good results from), but it turned out to be 8g. This was too much and was soon making me feel lightheaded and high. My AA levels were lower than usual, but my vibe was stronger and my sets felt better.

After doing a few sets a bumped into a wing who was going to the Swedish Midsummer celebration at Hyde Park to sarge there. This is a day when Swedish people celebrate the longest day of the year. The girls wear flowers in their hair, then they are meant to put them under their pillow when they sleep and they will dream of the man they would marry. I was promised large numbers of Swedish beauties, but given the Swedish girls  I’ve met in London I was expecting just large Swedish girls.

Getting to the park the vista that confronted me was delightful. Hundreds of blonde hair blue eyed Swedish girls all sat on rugs, and they weren’t fat as I’d feared. The only problem was that despite the nice temperature, storm clouds hung ominously in the sky.

We decided that indirect game suited the vibe of the celebration the best, as we opened a few sets asking about the celebrations. One two set of girls who looked like 18 year old HB8s hooked quite well, but we didn’t really get any sexual interest from them and the set died. Soon after that my fears were proven as the heavens opened and the rain started to pour down. As happy as I was that I’d decided to bring a brolly, the event was done for at that point.

I left my wing and did another couple of sets on Oxford street as the rain died down. One of the sets seemed really on and my vibe was great. As tempted as she seemed she had a bf, and so declined the number close. I’m starting to think fucking girls with boyfriends is a big part of daygame success.

I’d say mixed results this week. Some strains seemed to have very little impact, while taking higher doses of the good ones helped my AA and vibe a lot, but did make me feel high, which isn’t what I want. I reached my 15 set target for the week so I was pleased overall. I think I’m starting to identify the good strains, and now my ongoing results from Kratom will be down to experimenting with dosing.

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