Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Introduction

Disclaimer – This post documents my experiences only. I in no way advise others to take any of the substances mentioned herein. If you do decide to do so, you do this at your own risk. I have no commercial affiliation with any of the websites linked to in this post.

In my last post I introduced a new series, in which I would be using myself as a guinea pig in a series of ‘experiments’. The first of these will an experiment using Kratom, specifically with the aim to reduce approach anxiety and increase sociability.

AA is the plague of any aspiring PUA. It stops him even before he as has got as far as opening. In order to get really good at game, most men would need to open thousands of sets. Doing this is hampered, in some cases completely prevented by AA. Many guys quit due to being plagued by AA. Even guys I know who do approach regularly would probably approach 3 times as many girls and therefore be much more successful if they had less AA. It really does reduce both the amount of practice you get gaming girls, and the number of opportunities you have to get laid. Approach Anxiety really is the biggest sticking point in the community.

I pretty much have my AA under control when it comes to night game. Daygame is different though. I’ve fallen into a pattern of alternating between trying daygame for a couple of months, starting to get over AA, taking a few months (or a year) off, then coming back to try again, and dealing with the overcoming AA phase all over again. It’s a major thorn in my side. In addition to this, once I have got AA under control my open rate seems to be limited once again. This time by my extreme introversion. I feel like I can approach girls, but my brain doesn’t want to talk to them. It’s not anxiety as such, more a desperate wish not to be social.

I’m really serious about getting good at daygame this time. I’m almost 33 now, which means my time for being able to fuck hot young women is running out. I’ve got a window of I’d say less than a decade to have the adventure sex with the ripe young fillies. I’m also aware that as I age my physical attractiveness drops, which will make the game increasingly hard. It’s time to seriously up my number of daygame approaches by any means necessary.

This is where Kratom comes in.

Kratom, proper name Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree belonging to the coffee family, which grows in tropical climates in East Asia. The leaves have been eaten for thousands of years to give feelings of well being and to act as a natural pain killer. Powder produced by grinding the leaves is sold legally in most countries (although may soon be banned in the UK).

I’ve heard more and more talk about Kratom within the past 12 months, most notably on Good Looking Loser as the guy who runs that site also sells the stuff. I initially dismissed it as it’s often touted as a legal high, and I’m not into weed or weed substitutes. I don’t like the feeling of being high. The more I read about Kratom the more I came to understand that the ‘legal high’ label attached to it was incorrect. Although Kratom can aid your mood, it won’t get you high in the same way drugs will. It’s supposedly a much more gentle and natural euphoria. The effects of Kratom are meant to differ based on the type (origin and colour) you take, but the possible benefits of Kratom are said to include:

  • Increased sociability
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Energy boost
  • Euphoria

The decisive moment for me was sitting down and reading a Return Of Kings article on how Kratom can reduce AA and help you talk to women, right after having a daygame session where I made 0 approaches due to AA. At this point I have already decided to do an experiment series, and so I decided the series would begin with using Kratom to counter AA.

Please note when I call this an experiment I am using the term loosely. I’m not using a control substance to count for a placebo effect or anything like that. I’m just going to give this substance a bit of a trial and see how it goes. I won’t be strictly following The Scientific Method.

Without any further ado, here is the specification for my Kratom experiment.

Purpose: See if my game can be aided by the use of Kratom.

Primary success condition: Significant reduction my my approach anxiety due to decreased anxiety and increased sociability.

Secondary success condition: Any other changes which enhance my game. Possibilities include a better vibe and better conversational ability.

Success caveats: Outcome will be considered a failure if there are any major side effects.


I have read that many people report that Kratom is useless. The counter argument offered by enthusiasts is that there is a lot of low quality Kratom on the market, and the use of low quality product will lead to the user not experiencing any of the benefits. In addition to this there are many different types of Kratom available. They are differentiated both by the region grown in and by the colour of the plant. Different varieties are meant to have different benefits. To get around these issues I ordered variety sample packs from 3 different UK online suppliers. The suppliers were:

I will simply take a dose of one type of Kratom from one supplier before each sarging session, and see what effect this has on my approach anxiety.

Let the games begin.


4 thoughts on “Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Introduction

  1. AA is generally a combination of 2 opposing forces.

    1. The desire to meet, talk to & bang the girl your interested in.
    2. The desire to NOT fail and be rejected by the girl your interested in.

    Think of it in this way.

    Hold both hands out in front of you and put the palms together, now push one hand only, this is the desire to approach, is there any push back from the other hand?

    Now push the other hand at the same time with equal force, the desire to NOT fail, what happens?

    Your body generates a physiological response called anxiety, which generates anxious thinking and sensations, a self perpetuating feedback loop pattern generates which you successfully re-engage through time once another hottie stimulates your central nervous system.

    Sometimes just recognizing this is what is happening is enough for a change to begin.

    Kratom may temporarily dull AA but is the underlying issue really being addressed if you start to rely on this.

    One initial option is to ask yourself a few questions

    Who you would be if you failed to open or approach
    Who would you be if you failed to get laid with a girl you opened.
    etc etc

    Then ask yourself, Is this definitively true?

    Notice what happens over time if anything to your AA with this method.

    There are more questions you can ask, but this should be enough to get you started should you experiment with this option.


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