Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Week 3

My Kratom experiment to reduce AA and increase vibe continues. Unfortunately I’m writing this a couple of weeks after the fact, and as such cannot remember all of the details, but it’s mostly in line with my first weeks results.

15th June – Daygame

5g Malay from Moderate AA reduction, no increase in vibe.

17 June – Daygame

4g Borneo Red Vein from Herbal Eye. Same as above.

19 June – Daygame

5g Red Thai from No real effect, only opened a couple of sets in a couple of hours.

20 June – Daygame

8g Bali from, followed a couple of hours later (mid sarge) with 4g White Borneo from Herbal Eye. This was a good session. My AA was fairly low and my vibe was very good. Opened about 7 sets. This was over a long time period, but that’s because the sarge was broken up by meeting a wing. I did get a bit high (weed style), which I would consider a negative side effect.

I started of by taking what I thought was 6g bali (which I’d previously seen good results from), but it turned out to be 8g. This was too much and was soon making me feel lightheaded and high. My AA levels were lower than usual, but my vibe was stronger and my sets felt better.

After doing a few sets a bumped into a wing who was going to the Swedish Midsummer celebration at Hyde Park to sarge there. This is a day when Swedish people celebrate the longest day of the year. The girls wear flowers in their hair, then they are meant to put them under their pillow when they sleep and they will dream of the man they would marry. I was promised large numbers of Swedish beauties, but given the Swedish girls  I’ve met in London I was expecting just large Swedish girls.

Getting to the park the vista that confronted me was delightful. Hundreds of blonde hair blue eyed Swedish girls all sat on rugs, and they weren’t fat as I’d feared. The only problem was that despite the nice temperature, storm clouds hung ominously in the sky.

We decided that indirect game suited the vibe of the celebration the best, as we opened a few sets asking about the celebrations. One two set of girls who looked like 18 year old HB8s hooked quite well, but we didn’t really get any sexual interest from them and the set died. Soon after that my fears were proven as the heavens opened and the rain started to pour down. As happy as I was that I’d decided to bring a brolly, the event was done for at that point.

I left my wing and did another couple of sets on Oxford street as the rain died down. One of the sets seemed really on and my vibe was great. As tempted as she seemed she had a bf, and so declined the number close. I’m starting to think fucking girls with boyfriends is a big part of daygame success.

I’d say mixed results this week. Some strains seemed to have very little impact, while taking higher doses of the good ones helped my AA and vibe a lot, but did make me feel high, which isn’t what I want. I reached my 15 set target for the week so I was pleased overall. I think I’m starting to identify the good strains, and now my ongoing results from Kratom will be down to experimenting with dosing.

Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Week 2

Read back over my Kratom experiments posts if you don’t know what this is all about.

The results of the previous weeks experiments were promising, but inconclusive. Lets see how I got on this week. Please note I’m writing this a week later, and some of the details are a bit hazy now.

10th June – Daygame

4g Bali from Not bad. I felt fairly chilled out and managed to do 4 sets in a reasonable timeframe.

11th June – Daygame

4g Bornero Red Steam from Herbal Eye. Didn’t have a huge impact on AA. I wanted to see how many sets I could do in a one hour session, and only managed two.

12 June – Nightgame

4g White Borneo from Herbal Eye. This was consumed in tandem with copious amounts of vodka, and this quite possibly negates the experiment.

I was in a pretty good vibe by the time I arrived at the club. Can’t tell if it was the kratom or the alcohol though. Opened quite early on. It was a blonde who looked HB7 / HB8 (but later turned out to be a 6 – nightclub lighting is a deceptive bitch), who was dancing really well while her friend was at the bar. I opened her by telling her she looked cute but she danced like a crazy lady.

She was English, from just outside London, and only a little younger than me. She seemed to open well and was very flirty and touchy, till her friend dragged her away. There’s a strategy I use when I get cockblocked like this in a club. It’s really simple, and doesn’t involve and psychological trickery or clever lines. I just simply come back later, especially if the cockblocker isn’t around / is distracted later. Doesn’t sound like much of a technique but works well.

I reopen her later when her friend is talking to another guy. She seems very receptive, almost too receptive. Tells me she just broke up from a LTR and now wants fun. On the one hand this is screaming SNL, on the other hand women aren’t usually this up front. When they are it’s usually attention whoring rather than genuine sexual desire. I leave her with her friend. I see her later talking to other guys. She’s flirty and tactile with them too. Even ones that are below her looks level. My read on her is that she’s recently dumped, and now out on an attention whoring session to make herself feel better. My conclusion is that it’s possible that whatever guy happens to be talking to her at the end of the night when she decides to leave may end up fucking her, but it’s not for sure. I certainly don’t want to spend all night talking to her, I can see it leading nowhere.

I open a couple more sets. They don’t hook. I meet up with the blonde dancer, again, in the smoking area. This time she starts shit testing me. She tells me she’s no good for me and I should run away now. I tell her I don’t like running. I’m too lazy. She throws a faux tantrum saying that she’s not going to talk to me if I won’t even chase a girl. I ignore her until she speaks to me again. Her friend shows up. She’s wankered and really cunty so I ignore her. I tell the blonde I want to sit down with her inside and talk to her. She says there’s no point, I’m not right for her. I say nothing and walk inside, and go and sit down. She follows and joins me.

I try and run comfort but she won’t open up much. She’s also showing very little interest in me as a person (eg what I do ect). This is bad, because when girls are working out whether or not they want to sleep with you, they usually want to know more about you. We dance and kiss a lot, she goes off to find her friend.

I open a Brazilian with huuuuge tits. She hooks but the set is really flat, and she won’t isolate. I leave her to it, thinking I can always try for a Hail Mary number close later. I go out to the smoking area again (yeah, quitting not going so well, thanks for asking). The blonde and her friend have been kicked out of the club due to the friend’s severe inebriation. I get the blonde’s attention from behind the smoking barrier and am going to go for the number close. Since she lives out of London and I’m not hugely into her personality, I’m not sure there’s any point, but I feel like I should.

The club manager cockblocks me. He’s been trying to get the blonde to order a taxi. Her friend is sat outside the club and he wants them both gone. He tells me if I want to talk to her I have to leave the club and stay out, otherwise I have to go back inside the club. What I cunt. I would quite like to have had an argument with him, but since this will just lead me to being ejected (and possibly banned) from a club I frequent I decide not to, and head back inside. Looking back good persuasive social skills could probably have been applied here. That’s something to keep in mind for the future.

I find the Brazilian titty monster and try and number close. She rejects saying she has a boyfriend. I do one last circuit of the club, but I’ve had enough. It’s only just turned midnight, but I’ve already given up. I just don’t have the same drive to keep at it that I once had. I just keep looking at all the girls and it really bothers me how young they seem compared to me. That hasn’t really happened before, and is something I need to get over. It’s early but I decide to leave. I head off in search of diet breaking food on Leicester Square.

As soon as I turn the corner from the club onto Piccadilly, who do I see? It’s blonde dancer trying to hail a cab as her pissed up friend talks to random guys in the street. I remember what I thought about whoever ends up talking to her when she leaves the club might shag her. Here’s my chance.

She tells me she’s had enough of her friend, and asks if I want to go somewhere. We leave her friend to her drunken stupor and I take blondie to a near by casino. Casinos are great for bouncing girls to from clubs as an intermediate step to get them home. Drinks are cheap(ish), it isn’t too loud, the bar is really crowded, and they’re often open 24 hours.

Inside we talk. Comfort with some kissing mixed in. She opens up a bit more. We head to china town for food. She pays for my sweet and sour pork. This makes me happy. Her friend rings her. She tells her where we are, but I know she won’t find us. She tells me her friend needs her but she’d rather go home with me.

We leave the restaurant and she says maybe we should get a cab to mine. I realise she’s doing all the work in terms of getting us to go home together, I’m doing none of it. I do have a weak point of not pushing hard enough to get girls to come home with me on dates and in clubs. This isn’t something I had a couple of years ago when I was getting a decent number of SNLs. Something to consider.

I try and order and Uber but the fucking thing forces me to download a 50 meg update over 3g before I can use it. Not the first time Uber has done this while I’m trying to extract a girl. Not impressed. I hail a black cab. We go back to mine, and I get notch number 72.

14th June – Daygame

4g Cambodian from, both before and mid way through the session. This made me quite lightheaded when I first took it, and made me feel mildly positive when out sarging. No real effect in terms of reducing AA. I was our for something like 4 hours and only did 3 sets, none of them went well. This was by far my worst session since starting using Kratom. It could have been something to do with getting laid on the Friday night and just not having any real urges to speak to women, but ultimately I was very disappointed by this session.


All in all not blown away by Kratom this week. We will see how next week goes.

Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Week 1

My Kratom experiment began this week, so I’m here to inform you of the results. In case you’re too lazy to click the link to the introduction, here’s a summary. Kratom is a herb which when consumed is supposed to reduce anxiety and give the user a feeling of euphoria. I am using it primarily to try and decrease approach anxiety, and as a secondary goal to improve the vibe I have whilst sarging.

2nd June – Daygame

I took 4g of Borneo Green Vein from Herbal Eye, mixed with tea, about 45 minutes before sarging. There’s no way to sugar coat it. This stuff tastes like shit. If you’ve ever had tea made with loose leaves instead of a teabag, and accidentally swallowed some of the tea, it’s like that. I just had to gulp it down fast then wash my mouth out with water. I experienced some light-headedness soon after taking it, but it subsided after 15 minutes, and it wasn’t severe.

Soon after drinking the concoction I headed to the daygame Mecca with the goal of doing 3 sets. I had been trying for the previous 2 weeks to get back into daygame, but in that time had only opened 2 sets, so if I could open 3 sets after work I’d be very happy.

I naturally have a very sullen vibe. I’m a born worrier. On this day I was worried because I’d handed my notice in at work the week before, and now my soon to be new employers hadn’t got an amended contract to me yet. Today this worry was reduced to background noise and I focused on sarging.

Although I wasn’t skipping along Oxford Street whilst whistling “Is this the way to Amarillo”, I’d say my vibe was definitely upbeat, especially compared to normal daygame sessions. What you do have to bear in mind is that for me a daygame session usually consists of walking the streets of London with feelings of extreme anxiety at the thought of going direct on a girl during the day, until such time as my shame at letting my fear rule me becomes greater than my anxiety, causing me to finally open a set. Today this anxiety wasn’t there.

One thing I noticed is that I was much more blatant at eyeing up women than I usually am. Considering I’m not usually that subtle that’s saying something.

After a quick visit to an electronics store I opened the very first girl I saw that caught my eye. My usual inner voice of self doubt (what are you going to say to her? What if people see? What if she thinks it’s weird?) was still there, but this time another voice just said, “Ah, whatever. It’ll be fine”. I got a weak hook. My vibe was good, my playfulness was there. My trouble was that I talked too much, filling every possible silence with words. This is a classic daygame mistake, and I am not well practised enough not to make it. The Kratom is only supposed to help with AA and general vibe, not fine tune my game (would be nice though!).

I did another couple of sets. The third one hooked well. Her energy was great in a cute feminine way. I don’t know if it was the herb or it was me feeding off the girls energy, but my conversation was pretty on point. A lot more emotionally evocative than it usually is, something I’ve wanted to achieve for a while. My only mistake was not really investing her that thoroughly. Again, a game technicality that Kratom can’t help with. She was in a long distance relationship with her uni boyfriend, but still gave me her number saying it’s nice to meet new people. I told her I understood she had a boyfriend, but if we went for a drink I’d definitely be there to chat her up. She later replied to my first text then subsequently flaked.

I opened all three sets in under an hour, which for me is a great pace. All in all I was pleased with the outcome. Although I have certainly done 3 sets in a session before, compared to my recent attempts at daygame this went really well. I won’t lie and say I didn’t pussy out of any sets. There were some high 8s / 9s that I failed to open. My conclusion is that one of two things were going on here. Either I was getting a placebo effect, or I was getting a moderate but noticeable decrease in AA and increase in vibe.

4th of June – Daygame

5g Red Riau from Same as before. Drank it down then off to daygame. Slightly slower going today because I met with a friend who was already out sarging and we spent a lot of time chatting. Reduced AA but vibe not as good as the previous session. Opened 3 sets in 75 minutes but none of them hooked. In all cases my approach was a bit awkward. This was caused by having to come in at a funny angle, as opposed to getting in front of them.

5th June – Social networking group meetup at upscale private members club in Mayfair

4g Super Indo Kratom – I wasn’t primarily concerned with sarging, at this event as the venue wasn’t the best for cold approach (not loads of people, mainly big mixed groups). I wanted to see the effect Kratom would have on my socialising. I drank it down before I left. Unlike the two previous times I was drinking after taking the Kratom this time.

I have a tendency to go to these events and not really talk to anyone unless they talk to me first. This time it was different. I did mingle and open groups.

Then something bad happened. The room we were in was an open aired smoking room. It was already a hot night, and there was a really effective array of heaters on the top of the walls and I started to over heat. It got to the point where I felt nauseous and faint so I had to sit in another room on my own for 30 minutes to recover. I don’t know if this was the heat, my low car diet, or the Kratom. Maybe a mix of all three. Will have to watch for this side effect next time I use this strain.

There were few opportunities for cold approach. There was one girl in a big mixed group. She looked really glamorous and wore a dress the neckline of which left very little to the imagination. She looked at me a couple of times with a smouldering smile. Later in the night (the Kratom may have worn of by this point) she was alone and I did have the opportunity to approach, but I bottled it. I told myself that she was obviously here with rich men (club membership is very expensive and exclusive, I’m unlikely to ever become a member with my current wealth and social standing), and she was far too glamorous to come back to my grotty little studio flat with me for a fuck.

An HB7 in a red dress opened me at around midnight. We chatted for a while. My conversation was good but she seemed to sidestep my attempts to sexualize. I bumped into her again later and chatted, but couldn’t bring myself to escalate for some reason.

I met a blonde HB6 on the dancefloor. After spending 10 minutes grinding against my cock she informed me that she was, “Very married!”. We went upstairs for a flirt and a drink any way. She said her girlfriends knew she was trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage. I kiss closed her and slid my hand under her ass as we’re both sat in the smoking lounge. From there I could finger her a little bit without anyone knowing. She told me she couldn’t fuck me. I sensed she wanted me to drag her home. Since she lived out of town and was staying with friends near London this would mean going back to mine. She was rich (had a property portfolio, her husband ran a successful business), and so the grotty studio flat loomed large in my mind again. I really have a problem going after women I perceive as wealthy. Given the male toilet was single occupancy a toilet pull was viable but I bottled it – never done that before. In hindsight I had nothing to lose by trying. Her friends took her home at around 3am.

I decided to leave, but wanted to number close red dress girl before I left. Luckily she was still there.

“I thought you were having a tumultuous affair with some blonde you met on the dancefloor?”

She’d obviously been watching me

“No we were just dancing, but I would like a tumultuous affair with brunette in a red dress, so I want you to give me your number”.

“You must be drunk. English guys are never this forward”

“I’m probably a bit drunk, but I get told I’m forward when sober as well”

“Why are you?”

“Life’s too short not to get to the point when you know what you want”

“What do you want?”

“Your number”

We’re texting now and I’m setting up a date.

I think the Kratom gave me a bit of a boost at the beginning of the night in terms of sociability, but nothing special. Also some possible side effects.

7th June – Daygame

I took 4g of Borneo Green Vein from Herbal Eye, the same as on the 2nd June. Opened 4 sets in 2 hours. Could have done it quicker but had a long break after the 3rd set. This reached my goal of opening 10 sets this week.

AA was much improved over usual. Vibe was a bit better, but not as good as it was 2nd June. Then I really felt like it didn’t matter if the girl liked me or not. This time I was somewhat disappointed by the weak hooks I was getting. The 4th girl I opened was really hot, and her pissed off attitude threw me.


I made a total of 10 daygame approaches last week. This may not seem like much, but for the same amount of time spent sarging over the previous 10 days I made 2. This also isn’t counting all the sessions I wanted to have, but decided to just go home instead. Kratom obviously isn’t a complete cure to AA, otherwise I would have opened more like 16 – 20 sets in the time I spent on the streets. It does seem to make approaching significantly easier and to raise my vibe slightly. I am going to try out more strains this week. My goal is 15 approaches which I hope to achieve in around 5 hours of sarging. The week after that I will go cold turkey and see if I can still approach whilst not on Kratom. The effects so far are certainly subtle enough to be explained by placebo. The jury’s still out on this one. By the end of the month I will decide whether I wish to continue using it.

Sigma Experiments: Kratom – Introduction

Disclaimer – This post documents my experiences only. I in no way advise others to take any of the substances mentioned herein. If you do decide to do so, you do this at your own risk. I have no commercial affiliation with any of the websites linked to in this post.

In my last post I introduced a new series, in which I would be using myself as a guinea pig in a series of ‘experiments’. The first of these will an experiment using Kratom, specifically with the aim to reduce approach anxiety and increase sociability.

AA is the plague of any aspiring PUA. It stops him even before he as has got as far as opening. In order to get really good at game, most men would need to open thousands of sets. Doing this is hampered, in some cases completely prevented by AA. Many guys quit due to being plagued by AA. Even guys I know who do approach regularly would probably approach 3 times as many girls and therefore be much more successful if they had less AA. It really does reduce both the amount of practice you get gaming girls, and the number of opportunities you have to get laid. Approach Anxiety really is the biggest sticking point in the community.

I pretty much have my AA under control when it comes to night game. Daygame is different though. I’ve fallen into a pattern of alternating between trying daygame for a couple of months, starting to get over AA, taking a few months (or a year) off, then coming back to try again, and dealing with the overcoming AA phase all over again. It’s a major thorn in my side. In addition to this, once I have got AA under control my open rate seems to be limited once again. This time by my extreme introversion. I feel like I can approach girls, but my brain doesn’t want to talk to them. It’s not anxiety as such, more a desperate wish not to be social.

I’m really serious about getting good at daygame this time. I’m almost 33 now, which means my time for being able to fuck hot young women is running out. I’ve got a window of I’d say less than a decade to have the adventure sex with the ripe young fillies. I’m also aware that as I age my physical attractiveness drops, which will make the game increasingly hard. It’s time to seriously up my number of daygame approaches by any means necessary.

This is where Kratom comes in.

Kratom, proper name Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree belonging to the coffee family, which grows in tropical climates in East Asia. The leaves have been eaten for thousands of years to give feelings of well being and to act as a natural pain killer. Powder produced by grinding the leaves is sold legally in most countries (although may soon be banned in the UK).

I’ve heard more and more talk about Kratom within the past 12 months, most notably on Good Looking Loser as the guy who runs that site also sells the stuff. I initially dismissed it as it’s often touted as a legal high, and I’m not into weed or weed substitutes. I don’t like the feeling of being high. The more I read about Kratom the more I came to understand that the ‘legal high’ label attached to it was incorrect. Although Kratom can aid your mood, it won’t get you high in the same way drugs will. It’s supposedly a much more gentle and natural euphoria. The effects of Kratom are meant to differ based on the type (origin and colour) you take, but the possible benefits of Kratom are said to include:

  • Increased sociability
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Energy boost
  • Euphoria

The decisive moment for me was sitting down and reading a Return Of Kings article on how Kratom can reduce AA and help you talk to women, right after having a daygame session where I made 0 approaches due to AA. At this point I have already decided to do an experiment series, and so I decided the series would begin with using Kratom to counter AA.

Please note when I call this an experiment I am using the term loosely. I’m not using a control substance to count for a placebo effect or anything like that. I’m just going to give this substance a bit of a trial and see how it goes. I won’t be strictly following The Scientific Method.

Without any further ado, here is the specification for my Kratom experiment.

Purpose: See if my game can be aided by the use of Kratom.

Primary success condition: Significant reduction my my approach anxiety due to decreased anxiety and increased sociability.

Secondary success condition: Any other changes which enhance my game. Possibilities include a better vibe and better conversational ability.

Success caveats: Outcome will be considered a failure if there are any major side effects.


I have read that many people report that Kratom is useless. The counter argument offered by enthusiasts is that there is a lot of low quality Kratom on the market, and the use of low quality product will lead to the user not experiencing any of the benefits. In addition to this there are many different types of Kratom available. They are differentiated both by the region grown in and by the colour of the plant. Different varieties are meant to have different benefits. To get around these issues I ordered variety sample packs from 3 different UK online suppliers. The suppliers were:

I will simply take a dose of one type of Kratom from one supplier before each sarging session, and see what effect this has on my approach anxiety.

Let the games begin.