Introducing ‘Sigma Experiments’

There are many things I read about that I feel could help to enhance the Sigma Lifestyle. I usually read some articles, think, “That looks cool, I should try it sometime” then promptly for get about it. No more. I’m going to begin a series of experiments, starting next month, where by I try something new for a period of time (usually about a month) and will keep a diary detailing what I did, and the results. These diaries will be published here as part of a new ‘Sigma Experiments’ series.

What will these new things be? Things is very vague, and deliberately so as these experiments could encompass a wide range of, well, things. Examples might be:

  • Performance enhancing supplements
  • Workout protocols
  • Specific dating sites / apps
  • New game techniques
  • Business ideas / hustles

The aim of this series is two fold. Firstly it will spur me on to try new things that may be useful to me living the Sigma Lifestyle. Secondly I will act as your guinea pig. You get honest, detailed, diary style first hand reviews of things that may be of benefit to you.


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