Progress Report

As we’re nearly half the way through the year, I thought I’d look at my 2015 goals again and update you all on my progress.

  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program – Done
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year – Done (sort of)
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays – 1 of 6
  5. Save £10k ($15k) – Not going to happen
  6. Learn to scuba dive – In progress

After spending about 8 months retraining in my spare time I have gotten a job which has allowed me to broaden my skill set such that I should be able to find a lot of profitable contract work in the near future. The ‘sort of’ part is that it doesn’t earn me quite the 90k I was hoping for, but on the flip side of that I do get a not insubstantial amount of stock in the company. I’ll tick this one off.

I’m currently doing the theory section of my scuba diving training online at home. It’s boring. I hope to do the swimming pool training next month, but I’ve picked up a minor chest infection (or lung cancer, who knows) that doesn’t seem to want to do away. My theory has shown me that lung problems as scuba can be a potentially fatal mix, so I’m currently trying to quite smoking (again) to speed up recovery.

The money issue. Last year I was moderately good at saving. This year I’ve been terrible. I now earn almost £1,000 per month more than I need to have a reasonable quality of life. My future plans rely on me having 10 – 15k in the bank, so I need to develop better spending habits. In truth I squander 100s a month. I hope to end up saving 5k this year, will be OK with 4k though. Next year saving will be a big focus. I haven’t increased my fixed costs in years so this should not be too hard, just down to habits.

My game has been almost non existent this year. I’ve only fucked 3 women. Two from online dating, and one a long game day game lay. I’ve decided to progress I need to go cold turkey on online dating. Doing this has made me realise how much I relied on it last year, and how long it’s been since I’ve done regular cold approach. I used to be unsure if game actually made a difference or not. I thought maybe it’s just because I approach more and look better since starting game. The nightgame I’ve done this year proves to me that there is such a thing as game, and it is most noticeable when it is absent. I’ve grown out of practice. My vibe is off. This shows at the end of the night when I’m left thinking, “I’m sure it used to be easier than this”.

All in all I’m mainly moving in the right direction. The diving will come in time, that’s fairly simple. I’ve mainly written of the saving of the 10k. That leaves game.

I’m fairly sure that if I bang 5 more girls from daygame this year, one of them will be an 8. Daygame seems to be the best form of game in terms of getting quality of girls. This means I’m going to focus on daygame.

Although I’ve always struggled with daygame, I’m close to a mental tipping point with it. At the moment I don’t actually like daygame. I find it boring and scary. Once I reach a critical mass of lays (probably only a couple or so more required), my brain will associate daygame with sex (as opposed to wondering up and down Oxford Street weaselling out of sets). As soon as this happens I will love daygame. I’ll go out more, open more and have a better vibe. When this happens my results will snowball.

I’m going to have to give my new job a bit of focus. I skills won’t be a 100% in it for a while, plus I have the feeling some fairly long hours will be expected at times. Apart from that my life is pretty clear to make daygame a priority for at least the next 7 months, possibly a year. Time to set a sub goal.

My goal is to be opening 20 daygame sets a week by the end of July 2015. Since I only usually manage to do 5 – 10, this is a lot for me, which is why I’ve given myself 2 months. part of me thinks this is bullshit, as the only thing stopping me opening 20 sets tomorrow is me. Realistically though, there are some mental battles to be won before I’ll do that.

This first part of the year hasn’t been that happy for me. I think now I am in a good position to do things that will make me happier going forward. Namely fucking hot young girls from daygame.

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