After Action Report 24/05/2015

Type: Nightgame sarge

Situation: Central London club

Results: About 8 sets opened, no closes

What went well:

  • A reasonable number of sets opened
  • Very little AA
  • Opening hotter girls than in the past

What went badly:

  • Very poor success at hooking sets
  • Weak approaches
  • Didn’t read up on action points before going with a plan to work on something specific
  • My vibe was too serious

Action points:

  • Stronger approaches: Get right in front of girls, not coming in from the side so much. Focus on good eye contact, loud voice and strong body language going in
  • Work on my vibe. I used to have a fun loving, “This club is my playground” vibe that would generate IOIs. That is gone.
  • Still need to open more sets, discount too many sets for some reason, mainly only opening girls who walked by me. This is OK earlier in the night, but once I’ve warmed up I really need to be walking up to groups of girls and opening.
  • Realised my look needs work. I’ve gradually got smarter and smarter to the point I look too smart (wearing a tie). It’s a very k selected look. Although I like it, if I want to get girls who are in the market for casual sex, I need a more R selected look. Will be buying clothes in the coming months to achieve that. Also going to go from a full beard to just bad boy style stubble. It will make me look younger and more R selected.

Funniest set of the night, with a blonde HB8 Essex Girl:

Me (after opening and getting her attention): What’s your name?

Her: Mercedes

Me: Is that your stripper name?

Her: No!? It’s my first name. Like the car.

It ended there.

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