My Game Todo List

Haven’t been actively sarging for the past 10 days due to having a Russian girl staying with me (lay report coming soon). Instead I’ve spent some time coming up with a todo list to help improve my game. This is important to stop me just continually doing the same things I’ve always done and in so doing get the same results. This todo list is based on the actions section on the after action reports I’ve been doing recently.

  • Come up with a strategy for ‘maybe’ girls in a club setting. This will include some ideas on conversational material to use as filler soon after first opening when they aren’t comfortable with isolation / escalation very early on. The aim is to have a way to hang on in there with these type of girls rather than just ejecting when they aren’t all over me from the start (‘yes’ girls), so I can try escalating again later.
  • Look into the availability of getting voice projection coaching somewhere in London.
  • Think about how to craft questions that are more open ended during daygame and dates, with the end goal being to lead girls towards subjects which are increasingly emotionally significant to them.
  • Get some voice recording equipment to record all daygame sets and possibly dates. I have heard some recordings of my daygame sets that my coach has made. They are very useful as you can instantly pick up on so many mistakes and see many possible improvements.
  • Create a plan for dates, using the date material from Dayame Mastery. Will focus on emotional progression and escalation, as well as how I portray myself on the date.
  • Think about how I can better maintain a good frame on the date. Work out ways to ‘lean back’ both physically and metaphorically so I can act a bit more like the prize. This will have to be reconciled with the need for me as the man to also take the date forward and escalate, but doing so in way which does not compromise my desired frame.

3 thoughts on “My Game Todo List

    • Not a bad idea. I know there was some opera singer offering vocal coaching on a seduction forum. This is more the avenue I wish to follow, but toastmasters could be a good backup.


  1. I think that getting into a serious weight training program and getting big and lean would make your confidence go through the roof and make all these other tasks you’ve listed here seem trivial. I guess you are following more the Krauser/Torero/LDM path, which doesn’t take self-development seriously, and especially the physical kind, whereas for me the GLL/caveman path has proven to be far more enjoyable and effective.

    Whatever works for you, of course, but all I am saying is that when I see lists like the above I get a headache.

    [I think learning how to game girls (as per the LDM) is important for getting girls younger and better looking than you, which is what I want. The items I’ve listed here aren’t difficult, but still need doing and I still need to find the time to do them. As for getting big, I plan to start a steroid cycle either late this year or early next year. At that time I should have enough time to devote to training 4x per week and excellent nutrition.]


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