Introducing ‘Sigma Experiments’

There are many things I read about that I feel could help to enhance the Sigma Lifestyle. I usually read some articles, think, “That looks cool, I should try it sometime” then promptly for get about it. No more. I’m going to begin a series of experiments, starting next month, where by I try something new for a period of time (usually about a month) and will keep a diary detailing what I did, and the results. These diaries will be published here as part of a new ‘Sigma Experiments’ series.

What will these new things be? Things is very vague, and deliberately so as these experiments could encompass a wide range of, well, things. Examples might be:

  • Performance enhancing supplements
  • Workout protocols
  • Specific dating sites / apps
  • New game techniques
  • Business ideas / hustles

The aim of this series is two fold. Firstly it will spur me on to try new things that may be useful to me living the Sigma Lifestyle. Secondly I will act as your guinea pig. You get honest, detailed, diary style first hand reviews of things that may be of benefit to you.

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Progress Report

As we’re nearly half the way through the year, I thought I’d look at my 2015 goals again and update you all on my progress.

  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program – Done
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year – Done (sort of)
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays – 1 of 6
  5. Save £10k ($15k) – Not going to happen
  6. Learn to scuba dive – In progress

After spending about 8 months retraining in my spare time I have gotten a job which has allowed me to broaden my skill set such that I should be able to find a lot of profitable contract work in the near future. The ‘sort of’ part is that it doesn’t earn me quite the 90k I was hoping for, but on the flip side of that I do get a not insubstantial amount of stock in the company. I’ll tick this one off.

I’m currently doing the theory section of my scuba diving training online at home. It’s boring. I hope to do the swimming pool training next month, but I’ve picked up a minor chest infection (or lung cancer, who knows) that doesn’t seem to want to do away. My theory has shown me that lung problems as scuba can be a potentially fatal mix, so I’m currently trying to quite smoking (again) to speed up recovery.

The money issue. Last year I was moderately good at saving. This year I’ve been terrible. I now earn almost £1,000 per month more than I need to have a reasonable quality of life. My future plans rely on me having 10 – 15k in the bank, so I need to develop better spending habits. In truth I squander 100s a month. I hope to end up saving 5k this year, will be OK with 4k though. Next year saving will be a big focus. I haven’t increased my fixed costs in years so this should not be too hard, just down to habits.

My game has been almost non existent this year. I’ve only fucked 3 women. Two from online dating, and one a long game day game lay. I’ve decided to progress I need to go cold turkey on online dating. Doing this has made me realise how much I relied on it last year, and how long it’s been since I’ve done regular cold approach. I used to be unsure if game actually made a difference or not. I thought maybe it’s just because I approach more and look better since starting game. The nightgame I’ve done this year proves to me that there is such a thing as game, and it is most noticeable when it is absent. I’ve grown out of practice. My vibe is off. This shows at the end of the night when I’m left thinking, “I’m sure it used to be easier than this”.

All in all I’m mainly moving in the right direction. The diving will come in time, that’s fairly simple. I’ve mainly written of the saving of the 10k. That leaves game.

I’m fairly sure that if I bang 5 more girls from daygame this year, one of them will be an 8. Daygame seems to be the best form of game in terms of getting quality of girls. This means I’m going to focus on daygame.

Although I’ve always struggled with daygame, I’m close to a mental tipping point with it. At the moment I don’t actually like daygame. I find it boring and scary. Once I reach a critical mass of lays (probably only a couple or so more required), my brain will associate daygame with sex (as opposed to wondering up and down Oxford Street weaselling out of sets). As soon as this happens I will love daygame. I’ll go out more, open more and have a better vibe. When this happens my results will snowball.

I’m going to have to give my new job a bit of focus. I skills won’t be a 100% in it for a while, plus I have the feeling some fairly long hours will be expected at times. Apart from that my life is pretty clear to make daygame a priority for at least the next 7 months, possibly a year. Time to set a sub goal.

My goal is to be opening 20 daygame sets a week by the end of July 2015. Since I only usually manage to do 5 – 10, this is a lot for me, which is why I’ve given myself 2 months. part of me thinks this is bullshit, as the only thing stopping me opening 20 sets tomorrow is me. Realistically though, there are some mental battles to be won before I’ll do that.

This first part of the year hasn’t been that happy for me. I think now I am in a good position to do things that will make me happier going forward. Namely fucking hot young girls from daygame.

After Action Report 24/05/2015

Type: Nightgame sarge

Situation: Central London club

Results: About 8 sets opened, no closes

What went well:

  • A reasonable number of sets opened
  • Very little AA
  • Opening hotter girls than in the past

What went badly:

  • Very poor success at hooking sets
  • Weak approaches
  • Didn’t read up on action points before going with a plan to work on something specific
  • My vibe was too serious

Action points:

  • Stronger approaches: Get right in front of girls, not coming in from the side so much. Focus on good eye contact, loud voice and strong body language going in
  • Work on my vibe. I used to have a fun loving, “This club is my playground” vibe that would generate IOIs. That is gone.
  • Still need to open more sets, discount too many sets for some reason, mainly only opening girls who walked by me. This is OK earlier in the night, but once I’ve warmed up I really need to be walking up to groups of girls and opening.
  • Realised my look needs work. I’ve gradually got smarter and smarter to the point I look too smart (wearing a tie). It’s a very k selected look. Although I like it, if I want to get girls who are in the market for casual sex, I need a more R selected look. Will be buying clothes in the coming months to achieve that. Also going to go from a full beard to just bad boy style stubble. It will make me look younger and more R selected.

Funniest set of the night, with a blonde HB8 Essex Girl:

Me (after opening and getting her attention): What’s your name?

Her: Mercedes

Me: Is that your stripper name?

Her: No!? It’s my first name. Like the car.

It ended there.

Do You Even Sarge, Bro?

I still remember when I first entered the seduction community about 6 years ago. At the time I wasn’t getting laid, and didn’t know how to. I was full at hope of what the community had to offer me. At the same time there was much doubt. Did it really work? Would I be successful with it? I remember reading that at most maybe 10% of people who start out in the seduction community actually end up having good levels of success with women. I wanted to know what separated the 10% from the 90% of failures. Now I know.

I’ve recently been easing my way back into cold approach after doing very little of it during much of last year (last year was the Year of Tinder for me), and none at the beginning of this year. I’m perfectly happy solo daygaming, but for nightgame I want wings. This is actually a prerequisite to some extent, as many clubs in London won’t let you in if you’re flying solo (“No single entries” they say). I have a few guys I go out with, but many of them go out irregularly these days. I want a regular wolf pack who goes out every Saturday.

Despite posting for wings / meetups several times on a London based forum, and being added to a whatsapp group with over 100 London based forum guys on there, I’m still yet to find a new wings. I’ve only met one guy. I get very few responses for postings. When I do actually swap numbers with guys they’re harder to get out on a sarge than it is to convert a girl’s number to a date. Either they have to get up early the next morning, or are off to a party on Saturday night, or ect…

It seems to me that for all the talk about seduction that goes on online on forums and the comment sections of blogs, very few people regularly sarge. Go to /r/seduction and look at the posts. From the content and topics discussed try and work out how many of the people posting there sarge consistently, or have even tried to do so. Many of the post are about social circle, online dates or escaping the dreaded ‘Friendzone’.

This is what it comes down to. The 90% of men who fail at seduction do so because they don’t ever sarge regularly. Yes there are some exceptions, like the guy on the RSD forums who did 1,000 cold approaches and only every got one BJ, but generally it’s just because guys don’t consistently cold approach. Every guy I’ve been out with who sticks with it for 1+ years of regular sarging has at least a decent amount of success with women. It’s the same with the gym. There is no secret. Guys who are consistent with their training and nutrition over a period of multiple years have good bodies. Guys that aren’t, don’t.

I know some people have other things going on in their life. Social circles. Careers. Hobbies. All these things are great, but part of success is prioritisation. If you want to excel in one area, you have to be willing to let other areas of your life decline. You only have so much time and mental energy each week, and so a decision to do one thing is often also an implicit decision not to do other things. If you want to get good with women you need to be willing to devote 10 hours a week to cold approach, for a whole year, minimum.

I hope to have my career goal for this year ticked of my list soon. If I achieve this my focus will start to shift back on to cold approach, primarily daygame. I will be successful in this endeavour. I know this because I will be employing my secret. That secret is consistency.

Yes, I sarge. What about you. Do you even sarge, bro?

The Utility Value of Knowledge

All of the people with whom I regularly associate in either my private, professional or ‘online’ life are firmly on the right hand side of the intelligence bell curve. Despite all of these people having roughly similar levels of intelligence, there is a marked difference in the level of objectively quantifiable success many of them have in certain areas of life, whether it be financial success or success with women. Since I myself only seem to experience average levels of success in my life, I often seek to determine what the difference is between the people I know who are successful and those who are not.

The answer actually came to me when thinking about conspiracy theorists. I’m sure you know they type, they are easily found on many forums online. They “know the truth” about what the government and elites are ‘really’ up to. Maybe they have large reserves of bitcoin, guns or food stashed away. What ever there particular theories, they seem pretty smug that they have some special, privileged knowledge that the average ‘sheeple’ do not. This makes them feel superior. Yet, despite this ‘special’ knowledge they are no better or worse off than the average person. The reason for this is simple. Their knowledge, whether real or imagined, has no utility.

I define the utility value of knowledge as the ability of a set of knowledge to have some form of quantifiable real world impact on your life outcomes. All knowledge that lacks such utility is effectively useless, and is at best interesting trivia.

When I realized this it immediately became obvious why there is such a difference in success levels between intelligent people. Whereas unsuccessful intelligent people seem to focus on obtaining knowledge just for the sake of it, successful people obtain knowledge as a means to an end. They have something they want to achieve, and as they take action they gain knowledge.

Intelligent people often have their intellect handicapped by the need to acquire knowledge and understanding, and to be ‘right’. They seek intellectual perfection over useful utility. This becomes very apparent in the software development profession. Many practitioners in this field are more concerned about their software being 100% correct and efficient. On the surface this may seem like a positive, but it’s not what the important people who pay them their salaries actually want from them. They want utility, in the form of software functionality that actually reduces costs or increases revenue. From the software developer’s point of view they’d rather spend 1000 man hours producing perfect software, over spending 100 man hours producing software that although imperfect (e.g. inefficient, has some minor bugs) generates the exact same revenue as the perfect software because it fulfils the business requirements adequately. They fail to care that the extra 900 man hours produces no utility. It’s hard to imagine such people ever becoming rich if they were to go into business for themselves.

There are many examples of people who are smug that they hold special knowledge, even though that knowledge does nothing to improve their lives. Some examples:

  • People on the manosphere who often discuss the red pill truths which allow for success with women, yet they never actually cold approach any women. They may know better than the average man, but don’t get laid more than the average man.
  • The game denialists. They pick holes in the theory of game, call it pseudo science, and ask for large scale, peer reviewed scientific studies using the scientific method that proves game works. They’re right that there are many flaws in the theory of game. They’re right that some of the evopsych stuff it’s based on is probably wrong. They’re right that game hasn’t been scientifically proven. Despite this game practitioners still get laid way more than them, so their being right on some counts has no utility.
  • Men who know all about nutrition (5 meals a day, 1g protein per lb of bodyweight) and will happily tell me my intermittent fasting is scientifically incorrect. Despite this knowledge they have, I still manage to drop fat faster than they do when I want to, and carry more muscle than them. This is because the knowledge that has the most utility when it comes to nutrition is this: a slightly imperfect diet that you stick to because it fits your lifestyle / eating preferences the best will show better results than a perfect diet that you keep breaking because it’s so tough to maintain.
  • People that seem to know all about business and investing, calling other people suckers for doing things differently, who despite this have an average income.

To many people this may seem obvious. It’s almost the theory vs practice thing, but slightly different. Yet, to me this was an important revelation. As I age I feel the clock ticking, and I am still very mediocre in most areas of my life. I fee like from reading the manosphere and ignoring the mainstream I have a body of valuable knowledge that most people do not. Despite this I look at the real world outcomes I have obtained comparative to my blue pill peers, and wonder what the knowledge has actually done for me. In some areas (sexual success) this knowledge has shown great utility as I have had objectively better outcomes than them. In other areas, I have got nothing from it. I work 9 to 5 in an office like them. I earn about the same money as them. I live in shitty little London flats like they do. I don’t want a life like theirs, or like mine is at the moment. I want something better. Something out of the ordinary. At the moment I don’t seem to be achieving this. It makes me feel I’m actioning the wrong knowledge, or spending my time the wrong way.

I need to make a major change in my life, but the path ahead is unclear.

My Game Todo List

Haven’t been actively sarging for the past 10 days due to having a Russian girl staying with me (lay report coming soon). Instead I’ve spent some time coming up with a todo list to help improve my game. This is important to stop me just continually doing the same things I’ve always done and in so doing get the same results. This todo list is based on the actions section on the after action reports I’ve been doing recently.

  • Come up with a strategy for ‘maybe’ girls in a club setting. This will include some ideas on conversational material to use as filler soon after first opening when they aren’t comfortable with isolation / escalation very early on. The aim is to have a way to hang on in there with these type of girls rather than just ejecting when they aren’t all over me from the start (‘yes’ girls), so I can try escalating again later.
  • Look into the availability of getting voice projection coaching somewhere in London.
  • Think about how to craft questions that are more open ended during daygame and dates, with the end goal being to lead girls towards subjects which are increasingly emotionally significant to them.
  • Get some voice recording equipment to record all daygame sets and possibly dates. I have heard some recordings of my daygame sets that my coach has made. They are very useful as you can instantly pick up on so many mistakes and see many possible improvements.
  • Create a plan for dates, using the date material from Dayame Mastery. Will focus on emotional progression and escalation, as well as how I portray myself on the date.
  • Think about how I can better maintain a good frame on the date. Work out ways to ‘lean back’ both physically and metaphorically so I can act a bit more like the prize. This will have to be reconciled with the need for me as the man to also take the date forward and escalate, but doing so in way which does not compromise my desired frame.