After Action Report 22/04/2015

Type: Day 2

Situation: Met a girl in a club 10 days ago, HB8. Isolated, kiss closed, got her number. After that she started playing hard to get so I left her to it and texted the next day. We went to a couple of bars for drinks.

Results: Nothing (I’d already K closed, doing it again doesn’t count)

What went well:

  • Improved body language since last date
  • Improved vocal tonality since last date
  • Conversation flowed easily, some good teasing

What went badly:

  • Got drunk
  • Spent too much money on cocktails
  • I was thrown by the fact she recoiled from my kiss attempt an hour in. Usually I’d be fine with this, but it threw me as it was in contrast to her making out with me passionately in the club. You can’t just start where you left off in the club. Due to this I feel like I spent the rest of the date chasing for makeouts. When I did get them she felt stiff, like she wasn’t into it, and instead of backing off I pushed forward, chasing the passion out of validation rather than lust. 60 years of challenge says there’s a big difference between escalating out of lust and out of a need to see if the  girl likes you (and they can sense this). I feel I really put the girl off by doing this.
  • The conversation was quite superficial, lacking the emotional content and connection that aids seduction

Action points:

  • Don’t drink so much on dates. This will save money and allow for better game
  • Have a conversational plan for a date that leads to more emotional content, and better setting up the correct male female polarity between us
  • Focus more on the frame of being the prize rather than chaser (some chasing is unavoidable), and protect the frame / my value over and above make outs and trying to move the girl forward.

2 thoughts on “After Action Report 22/04/2015

  1. I know you said you were doing these reports for yourself but really enjoying them. I used to do a similar thing after my dates. Conversational plans are great. I used top have stories that I used time and time again. Also I think you’re right about chasing. Christ we’ve all done this but next time just smirk or chuckle like it’s a private joke and lean back. The trick is not to be phased. Easier than done but remember these chicks ate getting no end of attention so for her you`re just like a hundred other guys. You’re frame should be one of pure amusement and not giving a shit. Hard to do the times I managed to pull it off was when i got the bang.


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