After Action Report 19/04/2015

Type: Day 2

Situation: First date with a busty HB8 I had street stopped the previous week. The stop had been quick as she ended the interaction early, but I managed to get her number. She ignored me the first time I asked her out over text, but after some brief flirting came for the day 2. We went for tea in a coffee shop.

Results: Nothing

What went well:

  • Nothing. I got a hot girl out on a date, but that happened before the date.

What went badly:

  • Wasn’t particularly warm and welcoming when she first showed up. Could have smiled more and made better eye contact.
  • I think my voice was too quiet
  • Spoke and moved too quickly
  • Poor body language when sat down. Tried to do the slightly aloof leaning back body language Krauser recommends on this date, but just ended up awkwardly slouching.
  • Approval seeking and being apologetic. She didn’t like a comment I made about the coffee shop being a bit pokey (not enough space between the tables for my introverted liking). She really didn’t like it for some reason. This shouldn’t phase me but it did. It made me stutter a bit and try and explain myself.
  • In-congruent use of game material. Tried to make the comment I read in Day Game Mastery about seeing if she can drink tea like a proper English lady. This tease wasn’t in keeping with the vibe we had at that point. Plus she was half English and has lived her for years and so it didn’t really make sense. Using routines where they don’t fit is a classic noob mistake. She didn’t like it and again I got flustered and did the approval seeking
  • Didn’t really listen much to what she said about herself, as I had got too in my head at that point
  • I let her guide the conversation too much. We started talking about family and places we’d travelled too much (I’m not well travelled so this is bad for me). It was a bit pedestrian. I feel the conversation should be quite light and positive at this point, filed with casual observations about the things I like, and finding out what she likes.

Action points:

  • Greet girls warmly at the begining of a day 2. Take time for a little chit chat before walking to the date location. Have some conversation prepared for this stage. She needs to feel comfortable and like things are flowing.
  • Focus on speaking louder
  • Slow all of my speech and actions down
  • Have strong body language
  • Don’t get flustered if she responds negatively to something. Brush it off, move on

1 thought on “After Action Report 19/04/2015

  1. “She didn’t like a comment I made about the coffee shop being a bit pokey (not enough space between the tables for my introverted liking). She really didn’t like it for some reason. ”

    Thats hilarious. I did the exact same thing one time before when I was at a bar. I was really irritated when we sat down because of the distance to another guy and I suggested getting an actual table and she immediately busted my balls on it. It didn’t matter as my value was above hers as she wasn’t good looking but I did take note on 2 things.

    1. I didn’t like the distance thing because deep down inside I didn’t want someone listening into a first date conversation.

    2. I noted after the fact to stop being a pussy about and not to let that happen again in the future.

    [Reply: I don’t care about being listened in to, I just hate small pokey places. I like a lot of space, and to be cut off from other people, I think it’s an introvert thing.]


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