After Action Report 18/04/2015

Type: Night game sarge (club)

Situation: Night game in a large club that turned out to be a 75% male cockfest.

Results: Nothing from 5 approaches

What went well:

  • My later approaches were confident. Room for improvement, but I felt quite bold and masculine in the way I approached.

What went badly:

  • Could have done more approaches to build a better vibe, but to be fair it was a cockfest.
  • Gave up to early on one set because when I was holding her hand it went stiff (her hand not my cock), showing me that she wasn’t into it. Despite this, as I was about to leave she asked me a question, implying that the set had possibly hooked, but I answered quickly and left.
  • Failed to approach a girl who IOI’d me. To be fair I don’t think she was hot enough.
  • Failed to escalate a girl who I had very strong initial interest from. Should have mixed some taking in with the escalation. I used to be very good at dance floor escalation (there’s an art to doing it well), but my skills have atrophied. I think bad breath actually cost me this one. She said I smelled like I had just eaten a McDonald’s, then left me soon after. I have gum disease, and haven’t visited the dentist in a while, this could be why.

Action points:

  • Book hygenist on Monday to get cleaned under my gums
  • Approach more frequently
  • Don’t give up on sets that aren’t immediately all over me

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