An Example of My Tinder Game

This is a Tinder interaction I had a year ago.


image (1)

image (2)


Whenever I look back on any of my game from more than 6 months ago, I always cringe a little. This is no exception.

I started off well. It was a pretty standard push pull opener. Looks like a compliment at first, but then I hit her with the tease. It makes a girl sit up and take notice of you. A tease on it’s own (push) would make you an asshole. The compliment on it’s own (pull) makes just another fawning guy. Combine the two and get the desired result.

There’s too much humour in there for my liking, some of it’s also terrible (the cross dressing line). Girls do like some humour, this is undeniable. It gives them positive emotions, and points to a man’s good social skills. Despite this the average man overestimates the importance of humour in a pickup, and as a consequence often over uses it. Humour is fun, but it isn’t seductive. It’s good to sprinkle in the laughs here and there, but in order to reliably seduce women you need to change gears to sprinkle in some more serious content and some sexuality. This allows the girl to see you as well rounded (or three dimensional as Tom Torero describes it). Excessive humour can also push you into the entertainer / dancing monkey box. This is a position of low value and should be avoided.

I went for the number fairly quickly. On Tinder you need to go for the number quite fast. The timing of this is not based on a certain number of messages, but rather once she has hooked and seems to be responding well. Tinder will supply her with an unlimited supply of men, plus she may not check the app that often. These things combined mean that you need to move to whatsapp asap to avoid being forgotten. You can see she is responding well almost immediately by going along with my jokes. It’s clear she’s hooked well more or less from the beginning, so there isn’t actually much game required. I actually made a mistake here of not replying fast enough. At one point I don’t reply till the next morning, then take about another day to respond to her reply. As you can see from looking at the dates / times, the whole interaction actually spans almost 4 days. I could easily have lost her in that time, and so it would have been better to do it in one long unbroken interaction.

After some whatsapp back and forth we set up a date that she cancelled. She went a bit cold on me after that, so I pulled back. There was radio silence for about a week. As much as I want to push for a date I don’t want to come across as needy. I pinged her and got a lukewarm reply. She seemed hesitant about meeting so I ran some comfort. At this point she knew very little about me, and that will put many girls off meeting you. Comfort in the form of some getting to know you type chat solved that, and I met her in bar near Marble Arch on a Friday night after work.

She turned up looking like her picture (phew). Fairly pretty face. Slightly above average, but not exceptional. Nice slim body. Pleasant, but without show stopping features like a big round ass or huge tits. A solid 7. And tall. Taller than me. She was over 5ft10 compared to my 5ft9, almost 6ft in her mini heels. I do like tall girls, but only really ever lay them from online dating, as I discount cold approaching them when out sarging. Since I shagged at least 3 girls taller than me last year I think this is a limiting belief I need to put a stop to.

We grab a sofa and I do most the talking. She seems shy. I try and kiss her within the first hour, and she massively recoils. Every physical or verbal escalation attempt on my part was met with disdain from her. Despite this something tells me I can lay her that night. I think it was a combination of my view of Tinder as being for fast lays and the fact that her disdain for my escalation attempts were so over the top they were almost pantomime. The lady dost protest too much. Two hours in she finally accepts my kiss close attempt, after denying the first four. When I smell sex there are no limits to my persistence, and I feel no sting from getting rejected multiple times when going for the kiss.

I ask her to come back to mine. She says “Not yet”. This means she’s already decided to fuck me (unless I do something dumb), so it’s just a case of running down the  clock for another couple of hours. I decided to take her to another bar that’s 20 minutes walk away, as the time dilation effect of a bounce will aid me in turning the not yet into a yes.

We have drinks on a balcony bar overlooking Regent Street. I remove the sexuality and focus on comfort and rapport. I’ve already massively established myself as a sexual threat, so there’s no need to work that angle any more. I just want her to feel emotionally a little bit closer to me now. Like we’re bonding over something. She needs to feel like we get on well and it’s not just a quick ‘any vagina will do’ pump and dump. We talk about things we like and our opinions till I find something we can bond over. I can’t remember what it was, but it was something to do with a way people often act that we both thought was stupid. We made fun of the rest of the world like it was us versus them. With the comfort box ticked and the clock run down we leave the bar.

I said we were getting a cab and she gave no resistance. There was no LMR when I got her home. I fucked her once in the evening then again in the morning. It was odd though. I remember not being that into it. This was despite her being attractive with a nice body. If I fucked her now I’d put way more effort in, and also would have tried to see her again. I think it’s because I slept with 22 women last year, and she was the 3rd new girl I’d slept with in as many weeks. Sex had just lost so much value to me. It’s a hard life being a player.

1 thought on “An Example of My Tinder Game

  1. Enjoyed reading your Lay Report. In your old blog, you said most of your lays came from online game. It’s really helpful for me to see a practical example of your online texting with Tinder screenshots now. Texting is one of my weaknesses. To include WhatsApp screenshots would be even more helpful, since this is a crucial bit with the flaking, freezing and then nonetheless getting her out on a date. I understand the conversation contains personal “getting to know you” info but maybe you can blacken it out.

    One remark on “the clock runnning down”: My experience is that this can, over the course of an evening, easily lead the girl to get tired, or at least use tiredness as an excuse.



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