Why R-Selection Is Everything

Game is worth $2million in the bank – Roissy

One of the points that game denialists like to tout as ‘proof’ that game doesn’t exist is the fact that most men have been getting laid since the dawn of time, without requiring game. Sorry to burst the denialist bubble on you guys and girls, but this simply isn’t true. The truth is that in the past there was a huge inequality between men when it came to reproductive success. An inequality so large that it makes a modern sausagefest nightclub look like a winning prospect in comparison.

DNA studies have shown that at the dawn of the agricultural era, only 1 man reproduced for every 17 women that reproduced. It is suspected that this happened because the agricultural era was the first time in human history where men were able to horde resources. This meant that the most successful minority were, for the first time ever, able to have a significant advantage over the average man in attracting a mate. It would have been a simple decision for women: sleep with the right man, and you get to eat. Otherwise you starve.

The astute amongst you may have noticed that this is actually extreme K-Selection in action. K-Selection is when a man is seen as a girl by a provider. She gets together with him because he can provide resources. This is in contrast to R-Selection, where she has sex with the man purely to get his DNA; adventure sex. Although the DNA study does seem to indicate that K-Selection probably ruled 8,000 years ago, it does highlight a very important point. Whenever there is an opportunity for a minority of men to strongly distinguish themselves from the average man, there will be a huge difference in the sexual success of the winning males compared to the average males.

I’m going to hazard a guess as to why the trend of 17 women reproducing for every 1 man stopped: religion and marriage. Beta males in their attempt to compete with the Alphas for mates introduced the concept of marriage. This in effect regulated the sexual market place. Since the socially expected norm was to marry one man who’d be your only ever sexual partner, this destroyed the advantage of the harem holders. It didn’t matter how many resources they controlled, they could still only take one wife.

Fast forward thousands of years and we have feminism and the sexual revolution. Women delay marriage because the equality pushed by feminism means they want to concentrate on career in their 20s. Combine this with the effects of birth control and the ensuing sexual revolution and suddenly the sexual market place is deregulated again. As with 8,000 years ago a small minority of men can now distinguish themselves from the average men as women are now longer bound to be monogamous with a single man. This again leads to opportunities for the lucky (or possibly skill full) few to rack up epic notch counts, where as the average man is lucky if he has a lifetime notch count of 10.

The question then is how to be in the small percentage of men that monopolises the sexual market place. Whereas 8,000 years ago this was achieved by a strong ability to provide for many women, this will not work as well in the modern age. This is because unlike all those years ago, modern civilization will provide at the very least the basics to ensure the survival of a women and her offspring, regardless of how badly she fucks up. Although there are still some women who will be attracted to extreme wealth (gold diggers), once a woman’s survival is no longer at stake, a man’s provider (K-selected) ability is no longer of primary concern. All that’s left then is R-selection. In order to sleep with many women, the average man’s best bet is to throw off all trappings of K-selection and focus purely on being the R-selected badboy-esque secret lover. The guy she fucks in an ally as her boyfriend waits for her at home. The choice really is between this and sexual poverty.

In a future post I’ll talk more about R-selected game. I’ll show how the older style pick up material noticed it but failed to really understand or capitalize on it, the effects being more R-selected had on my game, how I occasionally confuse girls by accidentally giving off K-selected signals and how I want to improve and emphasize this aspect of my game in the future.

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