My Goals For 2015

The difference between dreams and goals is the difference between wannabes and achievers. To that end I have decided to write out my 2015 goals before we move too far into the new year. I was planning to write my sigma manifesto series as outlined in my first post. This would tie in nicely as the last post in that series will detail how I think a sigma male should structure his life to best adapt to the modern world. My 2015 goals stem from that; they are waypoints that will help me get there. Since I have been busy working on my first two girls I haven’t had a chance to write that series yet, so tough. Here are my goals instead.


  1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program
  2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year
  3. Bang an 8
  4. Get 6 new daygame lays
  5. Save £10k ($15k)
  6. Learn to scuba dive

Let me explain the motivations behind my goals.

1. Complete the 30 Days of Discipline Program

One of the biggest benefits I got from learning game was actually developing a strong ability to ruthlessly introspect and discover my flaws (that and all the lovely, lovely vagina). This is very useful, and I think is something that the great unwashed lack. I’ve uncovered two main flaws. An introversion so strong that it makes me almost hate most social situations, and a lack of self discipline. Although both flaws hold me back in a myriad of ways, I feel discipline is the one I need to attack the most.

The dictionary defines discipline as follows:

the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience

Of course I’m talking about self discipline, rather than discipline imposed by others. I woud define self discipline as your ability to force yourself to do things that you don’t like doing in the short term, because you believe that there are long term benefits associated with doing these things. In other words it’s being willing to crawl through the shit to get to the gold.

I have come to believe that discipline is the cornerstone of achievement. Learning game required discipline. I had to force myself to do something I didn’t like (going out and cold approaching), in order to be able to get what I wanted in the future (pussy). I never thought I would get to the point where I was fucking new women so regularly, and often better than average looking ones too (well, sometimes). Although I had to make many changes to myself to achieve this, all these changes were powered by my self discipline in the pursuit of game. It was my discipline that made me keep going and trying new things till the legs started spreading. This got me thinking. If I never thought I’d be good at bedding women and discipline allowed me to achieve this to a standard well beyond that of the average man, what else that I thought would be impossible to me could I achieve with discipline? Successfully run my own business? Live a lifestyle vastly different to The Standard Western Male Life Path? Quite possibly.

I’m not going to go all Disney made for TV movie on you now and claim you can achieve anything. That would be bullshit. We have hard wired genetic limits on our achievements. As a 5″9′ 32 year old male, no matter how much discipline I put into achieving the goal of playing for the NBA, it isn’t going to happen. Having said that I believe that most people only reach a fraction of their genetic potential, mainly due to lack of discipline (and partly also due to not being able to see the world as it truly is).

I was disciplined in game because I am so highly motivated by pussy. I will not be so highly motivated in other areas. Even with game I could have pushed myself much harder (I should probably have opened 3 times the number of sets I have since I got into game). This means building up my discipline is very important. It’s a prerequisite to my future success.

To this end I have decided my starting point will be to follow Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline program throughout January. Doing so won’t solve all of my discipline problems, but it will be a start.

2. Get a new job that both broadens my skill set and earns me £60k ($90k) a year

This is required for two reasons. First it will help me achieve my money saving goal. Secondly the broadening of my skills will help me when I become a contractor in the future (an important part of my long term plan). Since I’m being quite picky about the role and am asking for more money for a job that requires some skills that I haven’t quite mastered yet, this may take a while. I’m giving myself till the end of March to get this done.

3. Bang an 8

I’m almost at the point where I’d rather have a wank than fuck a girl worse than a 7. Even fucking 7s is leaning towards meh for me most of the time. Add to this that my sex drive seems to have plummeted in the past 2 months and this means I’m really only interested in quality (in terms of looks) when it comes to laying girls. I’ve done the quantity thing and am bored with it.

This is going to be a hard one. My looks alone cannot score me an 8, to my game has to massively improve to bridge the value gap. It will be a lot of work with a very delayed payoff. I can’t see even hitting double figure lays this year. A while back that would bother me, but I’ve fucked almost enough girls for my ego to not be too concerned with racking up the numbers anymore.

There’s zero chance this will happen with online game, it will have to be cold approach. Hundreds of sets at least. Daygame is a man’s best bet to punch above his weight in terms of looks, so I’ll focus on that. Which brings me nicely onto my next goal…

4. Get six new daygame lays

This doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll be a struggle. I got my first daygame lay last year, but that was around October. Since then I haven’t been practising at all (lack of discipline means I won’t brave London’s Arctic winter to do so…) and so when I get back on the horse I will likely have lost all the skills I learned last year, and my AA will be back. Tough but will give me some great opportunities.

5. Save £10k ($15k)

Required as a safety net before I go contract, and also to help condition me to a more minimalist lifestyle that will help me to achieve future goals. If I get a new job with the salary I want then this goal will be all about discipline, as I’ll be earning way more than I need to live.

6. Learn to scuba dive

I feel like my life has become all about chasing women and (procrastinating at) learning new job skills. This makes me very one dimensional. When I meet new people or go on dates with girls and talk about my life I feel this strongly. I just don’t do much except get laid. To this end I am including something fun and adventurous this year.

There we have it folks. I will of course keep you informed of my progress.


12 thoughts on “My Goals For 2015

  1. If you ever consider taking a trip to Tenerife (I can recommend you a 4-star hotel with 20 euros a night here right now in the winter, and flights are peanuts), I’ll go out with you and help you beat daygame AA. I beat it completely in my 200 first approaches and have many mindsets and suggestions that could help you do it quickly. I bet I can completely cure you of it in a week. We’ll just get a couple of drinks and go out with the express purpose of getting blown out as much as possible. Spam approach 30 girls a day to completely desensitize yourself to the sting of “rejection” (in quotation marks because see GLL on “sexual availability”). Now I am even amazed at the fact that I ever worked up any anxiety over talking to pretty girls in the street. Beating AA is when daygame REALLY begins. That’s where you really begin to see the possibilities. They are amazing as long as you are in a target-rich environment and don’t mind dedicating a ton of time to spam approaching. With enough approaches you could get practically any kind of girl you want.

    The problem with Tenerife is that the quality and the quantity are both average. Not bad compared to alternatives, but still average. Which is one of the reasons I like to divide my time between here and the continent.


  2. Here is a game I just thought up that can be played between 2 people and cure AA in both of them.

    You give me 100 euros, and then I give you a line to say to a girl that I will pick for you. The line cannot be insulting, but it can be funny. E.g. the classic line “Everyone here likes Tacos”. Or, “I have a small penis”. And the situation cannot be dangerous: e.g. not if the girl is walking along her 200kg gorilla girlfriend or her father and brothers. And if you don’t do it, I keep the 100 euros. Then we switch places and I do it. And so on and so forth 30 times a day at least for an entire week.

    Whoever still gives a shit about approaching a girl and saying simply Hi after this gruelling week needs a medical practitioner because he has a serious problem.


  3. Hey mate, not sure if you got my email that I sent to your previous blog but I was just wondering if you wanted to daygame together? We’re a similar age with the same kind of background so I think it’d be useful to help push through the AA


    • If you’re in London I will certainly be open to that. To be honest I never log into the email account associated with the blog, so would not have read your email.

      I doubt I’ll get round to doing any daygame till around march this year, but if you’re still interested at that date then it would be good to get together.


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  7. Hi nice blog…I can feel your passion. I dont understand why you having been able to pull HB9 or HB10. As long as you look confident whatever you use to with HB7 and HB6 should work. Your Tinder game looks solid!


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