Introduction to the Sigma Male Lifestyle

Welcome to my new blog.

I am an early 30s male currently living in London. I was first introduced to the manosphere and red pill thinking around 5 years ago. This stemmed from the fact that at that time I suffered from involuntary celibacy. Unlike many who would whine about such a situation I decided to do something about it. This lead me to discover the online PUA community, and with it the manosphere.

Over the next 5 years I put the knowledge I gained online via the PUA community into practice as I applied the techniques I had learned on hundreds of girls. Theory is great, but until theory can be put into practice and shown to actually work, it is meaningless. Much of the red pill knowledge I had gained online passed this litmus test.

My success with women skyrocketed. In those 5 years I slept with more women than I ever though possible. In the first half of 2014 I slept with more women than I’d slept with in my entire life before learning about PUA (7).

Many people have spoken out against PUA tactics saying they are a lie and don’t work. These people are trying to reinforce the standard blue pill social narrative. Although some of the tactics aren’t as effective as their proponents make out, and outer game techniques won’t paper over the cracks for someone who is a fundamentally unattractive person, on the whole my experience has proven them to work. With each success I moved further and further away from mainstream society and the obviously incorrect social narrative it presented to me regarding male female interaction.

This all got me thinking. Male female relationships are the cornerstone of adult life. You meet a girl. Get married. Have kids. Buy a house. That’s then your life. Your marriage is the foundation of that life. if male female relationships aren’t what people in the mainstream thought they were (true love ever after), then your whole life would be built on a shaky foundation. This struck me as very dangerous.

The more I went down this path of independent thought, the more I saw a disconnect between the realities of modern life and what I was raised to believe life should be like. It gradually dawned on me that the standard western male life path was potentially ruinous for a man. The standard western male life path is as follows:

  1. Go to school
  2. Go to University
  3. Get a professional job, and pay into your state and private pension
  4. Meet a girl
  5. Marry girl
  6. Buy house with girl. The bigger the better. Also buy all of the standard accessories: cars, three piece suite with matching curtains and cushions, marble topped kitchen, patio furniture etc.
  7. Have a couple of kids
  8. Send kids to school and university
  9. Retire at 65 and be happy. Be more than comfortable thanks to those state and private pensions you’ve spent your entire life paying into. Maybe move somewhere hot, like spain.
  10. Die

Over a series of forthcoming posts I will present the forces that make this standard life path so dangerous to the modern man. I will define what I think the Sigma male is, and lay out what I believe is a template for a better life path for such a man. This is the life path that I will endeavour to follow over the coming years. The posts will be as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Sigma Male?
  3. The Rise of Feminism, Equalism & Socialism
  4. The State of Gender Relations in The Modern Western World
  5. Economics
  6. Taking The Red Pill
  7. The Sigma Male life path

Throughout this series I present myself as neither expert nor teacher. I will simply convey what I have observed about the world, what I have learned from this, and how I intend on using this knowledge to make the best possible life choices. What you do with this information is up to you.

This blog will not be commercial in anyway.

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